These Are the Brands I Swear By for Special-Occasion Shoes


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Different brands serve different purposes in my shoe collection. There are certain ones that I rely on for travel, work, walking long distances, weddings, you name it. But there's one purpose, in particular, that I'm especially picky about, as not all brands do it well: special-occasion shoes. In my opinion, the best brands for this category design both unique styles for when you want your shoes to make a statement and subtle styles for when you want the rest of your outfit to make a statement.

Contrary to popular belief, special-occasion shoes don't have to set you back hundreds of dollars. Sure, there are pricey brands that make beautiful investment-worthy shoes, but there are also brands with fancy under-$200 shoes you'll wear on repeat. So pick your poison and keep scrolling to shop the brands yours truly recommends for special-occasion shoes.