2022's Trending Sneakers and How to Wear Them

Truthfully, we could write an entire novel devoted solely to sneaker trends. Despite occupying a small, relatively niche subset of the sartorial umbrella, sneakers seem to be subject to just as many trend fluctuations as, say, coats or bags. From the proliferation of outdoorsy hiking sneakers and retro silhouettes to the resurgence of Nike Dunks, Asics runners, and more, there's always something to report on in the sneaker world. 

This brings us to the topic of the best sneakers for women in 2022. After carefully considering the street style, runway, and retail trends, we've separated today's trendy sneakers into five main camps gaining popularity, including gorpcore sneakers, basketball sneakers, and suede soles. Keep scrolling for the 2022 way to wear sneakers and to shop the most on-trend buys in each category.

Retro Basketball 



If any singular sneaker style were to own 2021, it would be New Balance's 550. Its rapid rise among the fashion set has led to an onslaught of similar retro basketball styles, and they're all equally cool and versatile. Into 2022, this trend doesn't seem to be declining anytime soon, so it's wise to grab a pair while you can. This style's streamlined silhouette makes it easy to throw on with a pair of relaxed jeans, simple knit separates, and a classic wool coat. If you're keen on accessories, throw in a minimalist baseball hat.




"Ugly" trends will always find a way to permeate the fashion bubble, and next up are hiking sneakers. No, you don't have to be climbing mountains to be able to pull these off. The more eccentric your outfit, the better these types of sneakers look. Pulling off gorpcore-inspired sneakers is all about keeping an effortless aura, so feel free to style them with lots of layers and statement pieces.

Nike Dunks

The power of the Nike Dunk calls for its own category. So many imitators exist on the market, but there's nothing like the signature silhouette and contrasting color palettes. It's impossible to go wrong with wearing these.

Athletic Runners



The great divide between workout sneakers and daytime sneakers no longer exists. The sneakers you probably wore to spin class or sprints around the track might as well just be the same pair you wear as a cool streetwear-inspired look. To nail this aesthetic, stick with oversize pieces with an athletic edge.




Suede is eternally classic, and this year, it's a dominant sneaker trend fashion people have been gravitating toward in droves. Wear suede sneakers with polished separates and neutrals colors to emphasize their elevated feel.

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