7 Cool Ways to Wear Sneakers Now



Look, we'd never tell you to give up on leggings and sneakers as an outfit combination. But fall has arrived and with it, we're ready to endorse a new way to wear our favorite comfortable footwear. As it turns out, so are some of our favorite trendsetters, who are turning to more sophisticated staples paired with cool sneakers.

Instead of athleisure staples, we're spotting sneakers worn with plaid coats, smart suiting, and polished dresses. The dressed-up sneaker outfits come as we leave the easy, breezy summer behind for a more sophisticated season, but they also mirror so much of the structured business dressing we've seen on the runways the past few weeks. As trends swing toward power dressing, even sneakers are getting the polished spin. So if you're looking to give this new take a try, we're here to offer a little inspiration (along with shopping, of course).

Read on for seven ways to tackle sneaker dressing for fall, and shop our favorite styles to help you pull it all off!