8 Specific Pairs of Shorts You'll Regret Not Ordering Before They Sell Out

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Like it or not, shorts season is coming, and it's my job to prepare you for it. I actually love shorts—perhaps because I'm from Louisiana and had to wear them practically year-round there. Now that I'm back living in the South, shorts dominate my summer wardrobe yet again. These days, there are many more shorts options to choose from aside from denim cutoffs and the Soffe cheerleading shorts my friends and I used to wear. (You know the ones.)

Through much trial and error over the years, I think that I've cracked the code to what makes a great pair of shorts, and there are a handful of specific pairs that check a lot of boxes and are wildly popular because of it. Now is the perfect time to put them on your radar because history shows that they'll be sold out before June makes its arrival.

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Reformation Mason Shorts

Reformation's Mason Shorts, especially in linen, are the polished trouser shorts your wardrobe needs. The length is perfect for any height, and they come in tons of useful colors.

Agolde Parker Long Shorts

I'm no longer a fan of super-short denim cutoffs, but I'm a bit too short for Bermuda shorts, so this mid-length style is the perfect in-between. They're very polished for denim shorts and quite comfortable for being 100% cotton.

Aritzia Sweatshorts

While I love sweatshorts, I'm very picky about them. Aritzia's, which come in a variety of lengths, are the best I've found. Take my advice and size up for the most comfortable fit.

Toteme Silk-Twill Shorts

Another comfortable style that's on the fancier side is Toteme's Silk-Twill Shorts. They're perfect for vacation—just add a tank top and leather flip-flops.

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Fatigue Shorts

I own these Madewell shorts in two color, both of which I wear constantly on casual summer days. They have a bit of stretch, so they're even more comfortable than they look.

Levi's 501 Mid Thigh Shorts

If you prefer mid-thigh denim shorts, these affordable Levi's are one of your best bets. I would hurry, as they're already on their way to selling out.

HommeGirls Cotton-Poplin Shorts

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but cotton boxer shorts have been trending as of late. HommeGirls makes a great elevated pair that doesn't look like something you pulled out of the bottom of your pajama drawer.

Loulou Studio Isu Denim Shorts

If long shorts are your thing, the pair I highly recommend is Loulou Studio's Isu Shorts. They're simple, timeless, and understated.

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