The Shorts Length That Looks Good on Everyone

Once the temperature rises every year, we go on celeb shorts watch, meaning we start looking for fresh shorts outfit ideas, styling tricks, and, of course, flattering styles. We're well aware that wearing shorts can be intimidating for many, as there is perhaps no other clothing item that has the potential to bare quite as much skin as a pair of shorts does. But we're here to report that leg-baring short shorts aren't the way to go if you're seeking the most flattering look, but there's another length that is.

To come to this conclusion, we studied the shorts of dozens of celebrities both this summer and summers past, and we found one style, in particular, that looks good on everyone: mid-thigh shorts. A slightly longer short (that flares out a bit) without being so long it cuts off your legs will hit at the slimmest part of your thigh, so that's what the eye is drawn to. On the flip side, we find the most unflattering shorts length to be one that hits close to the top of the thigh, especially if they're tight. Want to see the proof? 

Keep scrolling to see three celebs showing off the flattering effects of mid-thigh shorts and shop a few stylish options that we think are the perfect length.