The Shoes We Never Wear With Jeans


Collage Vintage

Jeans are that one item in your closet you feel like you can wear with absolutely anything, right? Well, while we editors here at Who What Wear love testing out new trends and pushing the boundaries when it comes to denim styling (dresses over jeans, fishnets under jeans, denim on denim…), there are a few things we would rather not wear with our denim collection, and today we are going to talk specifically about the shoes that fall into that category.

In addition to the shoes we don't like to wear with our jeans, we also listed the styles we actually love. Whether that be simple sneakers, funky heels, or chic slides, we have a feeling you'll leave here with a few new fancy footwear ideas for your next denim outfit. Now, the reasoning behind each of our picks is completely personal, so if the shoes we call out as the pairs we would never wear with our jeans is actually your favorite style to pair with denim, that's okay! When it comes to fashion, there aren't strictly black-and-white rules, only the guidelines you set for yourself and your personal style. We are just here to share our personal opinions on the matter with you.

Go on to find out which shoes our editors don't like to wear with their jeans, in addition to the styles they do.