The Best Baggy Jeans From Zara, Amazon, Mango, and More

Best baggy jeans



At this point, the demise of skinny jeans and the rise of baggy jeans have been well documented, so we probably don't need to go into that, but if you find yourself armed with a closet full of skinny jeans and ready for a change (at least a temporary one), we can certainly help with that

We're living in a day and age when people just want to be comfortable, and if that means wearing loose jeans that may have once been seen as sloppy, then so be it. But baggy jeans are such a trend right now that they somehow don't even come across as sloppy—they just come across as cool. 

So if we've got you in the mood to shop for some new baggy jeans, let's do so. Keep scrolling for the very best options for $108 or less (and yes, H&M, Mango, Zara, and Amazon are all present and accounted for).

The more extreme side of baggy but still cool nonetheless.

Front pleating gives this pair a little pizazz. 

When in doubt, just re-create this whole outfit.

Definitely a pair Caroline Kennedy would wear.

For a wide diversity of fits and sizes, Madewell is your best bet. 

Guaranteed these will sell out quickly.

Surprise, surprise—we found this hidden gem in the depths of Amazon.

The kicker on this pair? There are side slits on the end. 

The patchwork adds a little bit of edge without taking it too far.

Wear these with a cropped zip-neck sweater, and you have the perfect summer look.

For a more polished take, try a sailor fit. 

Yes, I'll be wearing dark-wash denim all fall.

Big fans of baggy jeans will appreciate this unique fit.

Warp and Weft is one of my favorite brands for size-inclusive denim. 

Still unsure about the trend? Try a slimmer alternative like this pair. 

Wear this with all the big, cozy sweaters. 

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