These Designer Jeans Are Going Viral Among Celebrities and the Fashion Set


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In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends come and go like fleeting moments, a select group of designer denim brands are making an impact and leaving their mark on the fashion set. We live in a world where personal style is defined by how timeless you are—think quiet luxury. And if this hasn't inspired you to invest in the pieces you wear daily, I don't know what will. Your denim drawers deserve an update.

Celebrities and fashion people own dozens of pairs of jeans. But there are a few brands they're constantly returning to, so let's discuss them. Below, find the 10 popular denim brands fashion girls are all over.

1. Citizens of Humanity 


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Citizens of Humanity stands as a premier destination for timeless jeans, consistently setting the benchmark for its competitors. Notably, its straight-leg silhouette, among other remarkable designs, has graced the physiques of esteemed fashion icons and revered celebrities.


2. Paige


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My initial introduction to designer denim involved Paige, a brand that has stayed in my closet ever since. Originating in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Paige has become an eminent powerhouse within the realm of fashion, particularly renowned for its mastery in crafting denim pieces.


3. Closed


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Closed denim uses a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to denim production while never sacrificing style. I started wearing these jeans when they first launched, and I've never been disappointed by any of their styles.


4. Frame


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Frame is a contemporary fashion brand known for its effortlessly chic and versatile designs that blend classic tailoring with a laid-back California aesthetic. 


5. Re/Done


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Re/Done jeans have created a sensation in the realm of celebrities, boasting endorsements from Gigi Hadid, Jeanne Damas, Kaia Gerber, Alessandra Ambrosio, and others. With such high-profile supporters, the brand's rapid rise to a cult following has been no surprise.


6. Khaite


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Khaite crafts the immaculate jeans that reside in your dreams, refined and capable of instantly enhancing any ensemble. With a thoroughly earned fan base, the brand's jeans undoubtedly justify the investment.


7. Agolde


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Agolde's crossover denim has likely graced your Instagram feed, but its various other styles equally deserve acknowledgment. When it comes to the quintessential fashion-forward denim brand, Agolde undoubtedly claims that title.


8. Levi's


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When it comes to design, history is important. For more than 165 years, Levi's has stood as a timeless provider of classic jeans. Crafted from premium, flexible denim, their jeans offer effortless wearability and exceptional comfort. Thus, it's only logical that all the brand's styles consistently capture people's attention.


9. Grlfrnd


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Grlfrnd is a fresh denim label embraced by celebrities and fashion industry insiders. It's an ideal choice for those seeking contemporary silhouettes, such as the Y2K-inspired low-rise styles.


10. Mother


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Mother infuses a retro flair into jeans, drawing inspiration from the denim trends of '70s California. The brand crafts denim with daring elements such as blended washes, flared cuts, and raw hems, adding an edgy touch to their designs.


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