From $3 to $50, These Are the 60 Most In-Demand Beauty Products on the Internet

While there are plenty of extravagant, highly sought-after beauty products with equally extravagant price tags in today's beauty market, let us not forget a product's lovability isn't directly correlated to how much it costs. Sure, holy-grail names like Augustinus Bader or La Mer have legendary legs, but $100, $200, and $300+ a pop for face cream (no matter the ingredients or quality) can be hard, or even impossible, to stomach. 

In an effort to celebrate some of the best-selling beauty products that won't wound your wallet, we've rounded up six of our favorite retailers and searched every crevice of their beauty collection. The result? 10 in-demand products per retailer that ring in at a more palatable range of $3 to $50. Keep scrolling for the best-selling yet more affordable products from Verishop, Violet Grey, Dermstore, Sephora, Net-a-Porter, and Nordstrom.


Not only are Facetory's cheeky sheet masks adorable and effective, but they're also always trending on Verishop's website. If your complexion is craving a detox, this formula is made from charcoal and volcanic ash to unclog congested pores and gently pave uneven skin texture.

Is bar soap boring? Perhaps. But we happen to think a divine cut of soap (paired with a dreamy bath) is one of life's most simple luxuries. This one from Harry's gets the top nod. 

It doesn't get more simple or chic than Salt & Stone's beloved lip balms. This best-selling mint flavor has an ultra-pure recipe including certified organic beeswax, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and peppermint essential oil. 

True story: I've used C.O. Bigelow's tinned rose salve since high school. It's one of the only formulas that truly keeps your lips soft, supple, and topped up with hours (and hours) worth of hydration. Plus, the delicate rose scent and the light pink tint is so juicy.

Yep, these organic tampons are consistent best-sellers amongst Verishop's discerning fashion and beauty consumers. They're available in Light, Regular, Super, and Super Plus. Each pack contains 16 tampons and rings in at just $6. 

In need of a quick refresh in between showers? Cora has you covered on that front too. These handy body cloths are made with sustainably sourced bamboo and are enriched with other skin-loving ingredients like coconut oil and lavender essential oil to keep you smelling (and your skin feeling) like a dream. 

This year has been the year of copious amounts of hand sanitizer and hand cream. This anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is strategically formulated with 70% ethyl alcohol to exceed the requirements of the FDA for hand hygiene, dries quickly, is fragrance-free, and also features agents like aloe vera juice and glycerin to keep your skin calm, cool, collected, and completely scale-free.

Among natural toothpaste purveyors, Marvis is simply one of the best and chicest brands out there. The flavors are lovely (hey, it's the little things) and each tube is designed to help whiten and protect your teeth from decay, tartar, and plaque. This is an especially handy perk if your nightly wine habit has picked up this year as mine has.

I always blamed my perpetually disappearing stash of hair ties on my busy, go-go-go schedule. Well, quarantine has proven that hair ties will continue to disappear even if you stay within a 20-foot radius for six months. (These creaseless ones from Kitsch are the best.) 

In the same vein, these silk scrunchies are significantly more affordable than most and will protect your hair from creasing and breakage while you sleep. Choose from black or pink!

Violet Grey

I don't think it's any coincidence that Nécessaire's fancy lube (aka its best-selling Sex Gel) is one of the top-trending products at Violet Grey during a year when we've largely been forced to stay inside as much as possible. Though more expensive than your typical bottle of lube, this one is infinitely more lovely. Ultra-clean in the formulation, it's made with distilled deionized water, organic aloe, and sodium hyaluronate, and it's compatible with natural rubber latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms. (It's also fragrance-free, FDA-approved and has a pH level between 4.0 and 5.0.)

I'll keep it simple: This cult-favorite body lotion from Nécessaire will actually motivate you to apply body lotion again. 

Every single person who has hair on their head can benefit from this best-selling strand savior. It's gained holy-grail status for a reason and will single-handedly help repair even the direst state of damage.

Meet one of the most iconic products in the skincare industry that delivers instant gratification. Yes, you might look a little scary whilst it's working its magic, but the multi-action results (smoothing! color-correcting! brightening! tightening! lifting! firming! detoxification!) are too good a deal to pass up.

Hair magic, bottled. This rich, SPF-enhanced cream from hair icon Christophe Robin is supremely lightweight yet it's potent enough to smooth, boost shine, and soothe frizz-prone strands with deep protection. (It's also made with 99% natural-origin ingredients if you're trying to clean up your haircare routine.)

Rinse-free hand wash. Could this be any more convenient?

Yep, this beloved moisturizing elixir is exactly what it says it is—a lush serum for your body that has a similar ingredient profile to your favorite facial serums—think hyaluronic acid, vitamins B5 and B3, and Ceramide NP. Use it alone or as a pre-game to your favorite lotion, cream, or butter. 

If you're in the market for impeccably shiny, bouncy, glossy locks, Oribe's fan-favorite shampoo formula is a golden ticket for reawakened tresses. For best results, pair it with the coordinating conditioner

I won't beat around this bush—designed by plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan, this is the best lip plumping elixir I've ever tried. Plus, it's topped up with a protective dose of SPF 30. 

The creation of legendary makeup artist Gucci Westman, this cheek-popping (and non-toxic!) multi-purpose makeup stick is our absolute favorite from the Westman Atelier line. It epitomizes the idea of makeup meets skincare. 


These potent Korean pimple patches are one of the top-rated beauty products on Dermstore's website with over 270 reviews. They're waterproof and wage combat against stubborn acne spots and residual scarring. 

Let's be honest—the majority of beauty products we need to purchase aren't the most exciting. But nabbing DHC's 80-pack of silky cotton toning clothes for just $6 is enough to make our hearts sing. Use them to remove makeup and nail polish or to delicately apply toner. 

Rodial's Dragon Blood Eye Masks nix puffiness, dark circles, and dehydration in one fell swoop. 

This best-selling detangling brush not only helps effortlessly detangle hair, but it also ensures a faster, more efficient blow-dry experience thanks to the handy open-vente3d design. (With, of course, little to no breakage.)

It's been a stressful year, and I talk to a handful of people daily who have been dealing with increased (or altogether new) hair loss. Viviscal's expert formulas are here to help, and its best-selling, growth-promoting shampoo is a very feasible $10. 

Speaking of hair health, these delicious gummies from Hum Nutrition are the only hair supplements I've personally tried that have reaped noticeable results.  

Believe it or not, you don't have to spend $400+ on fancy facial tools and contraptions. This best-selling micro-needling tool is less than your Postmates order and is designed to help improve the tone and texture of your complexion. 

Celebrity hairstylists always enforce this cardinal rule of hair protection: Never use a regular towel to swaddle up your strands when they're wet. Instead, invest in a few of Aquis's super-chic hair turbans which will prevent breakage while also reducing frizz and dry time. 

Since we're constantly wearing our masks, we're far more intent on enhancing the look of our eyes—Ilia's nontoxic mascara can help with that. 

Looking to boost your brows (or your lashes)? This is one of Dermstore's most affordable best-selling beauty products. 


Not only does this iconic cream help tighten and smooth the look of your skin (and yes, you can apply it anywhere, bum included) but its signature scent is also beloved and practically screams summer. 

Smooth this best-selling mask on your lips before bed, and you'll wake up with a smoother, fuller, significantly more hydrated pout come morning. Plus, you can choose from four different yummy flavors: Original, Vanilla, Apple Lime, and/or Sweet Candy.

Brow Wiz has been around forever and yet it still maintains its holy-grail standing amongst Sephora's competitive best-sellers list. 

The same goes for this fan-favorite concealer from Nars. Despite the hundreds of other concealers on the market, it's still a top pick amongst shoppers, makeup artists, celebrities, and beauty editors. You can't go wrong. 

Well, this is brilliant—two of Charlotte Tilbury's most famous products in a miniature, significantly more affordable package. 

By now you've heard of (and perhaps even tried) pimple patches. But have you heard of retinol-spiked wrinkle patches? These dissolving micro-needling patches from Peace Out are enriched with retinol, peptides, and vitamin C to smooth out your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you want to make your skin gleam like RiRi's, Fenty's Match Stix are the way to go. This pack of three is your budget-friendly game plan. 

For just $28, Drunk Elephant's newest skincare launch covers so many bases. It removes your makeup, hydrates the skin, serves as a cleanser, and can do double-duty as a toner or mid-day skin refresh. It's the dreamiest thing I've treated my skin to recently. 

A no B.S. hyaluronic acid serum that comes in at less than $10 and tops up your skin's summer dew point. 

Pro tip: Combine this famous brightening eye cream with the Nars concealer above, and no one will ever be able to tell how many hours you did or didn't log last night. 


Waterproof, long-wearing, and scoring 10/10 for the perfect tug-free lid-glide, this is the eyeliner of all eyeliners. 

I'll just say this—celebrities and makeup artists alike hoard this cult-favorite French moisturizer. And—prepare to gasp—it's even been compared to Augustinus Bader's iconic, but super-spendy formula.

This French-born dry shampoo is a best-seller across retailers and is infused with nourishing oat milk to keep strands in tip-top shape. 

We've seen countless celebs sporting these eye masks on IG, and it's no wonder considering how well they hide the visible side effects of stress, lack of sleep, environmental damage, and aging. 

How stunning is this imported hand soap? It's hand-carved by artisans into the shape of traditional Lebanese pastries and boasts the lushest of ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. Plus, the delicate jasmine scent pretty much soothes the soul. 

It doesn't get more decadent then smoothing Lip Balm de Le Labo over parched lips this summer. 

Face buffs and sponges are having a strong resurgence—especially Korean konjac sponges like this one. They're extremely gentle, completely natural, and they're essentially the purest way to exfoliate your skin to get a super-smooth result. Simply soften it with water and then pair it with your normal facial cleanser to instantly elevate your cleansing experience. 

Pursoma makes the dreamiest bath and body accessories. Consider this skin-renewing, cell-sloughing body polish to be the most strategic pairing with your next bathtub session. (A large pour of red would make a great addition as well.)

So many celebrities attribute these best-selling peel pads to their clear, glowing faces. (Chrissy Teigen is the latest!) A full pack is an investment and upwards of $80, so if you're curious, dip your toe in with this smaller set. 

Simply put, no summer beauty regimen is complete without these clever ingrown eliminating finger mitts from Fur. 


If you're a face mist fan like I am, I highly recommend this affordable favorite from Mario Badescu. Your skin will love the spritz of aloe, lavender, and chamomile. 

Not only do I love that this best-selling sunscreen is organic, but I also appreciate that it's fragrance-free and easy to apply (even upside down) thanks to the handy spray format. 

No season yields more oil and grease than summer, and we always like to have an efficacious zit-busting formula close at hand. This one from Tula simultaneously fights and prevents acne, unclogs pores, and even brightens stubborn acne marks and scars.

This is such a cool beauty find. In fact, it's so innovative and cool, that the brand has a patent on it. Essentially, it's a unique peeling and exfoliating puff that helps removes the congestion- and pore-clogging debris that can contribute to dull, lackluster skin. 

Patchology is known for its amazing eye gels, but they also make these adorable, easy-on-the-bank-account lip gels that calm and soothe your lips with help from sweet violet, elderberry, vanilla bean, and vitamins A, B6, E, and C. (I've been wearing them underneath my mask as an ultra-stealthy beauty treatment if I need to run out on an errand.)

If you prefer liquid eyeliner, this matte formula is practically fool-proof and comes in either black or brown. 

Trust us—these mini eye pigments from MAC are the easiest way to instantly add a pretty sheen of sparkle and color to your lids. 

Whenever I'm lazy about washing my brushes, I instantly breakout. Plus, products like bronzer, blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow don't apply as well. I buy multiple bottles of this at one time. 

Meet one of the best hair masks money can buy. It's just what the doctor ordered for anyone who has a head of stressed-out strands at the moment. 

If you like a good wave spray, Ouai's is one of our all-time favorites. It's super lightweight and formulated with rice protein which not only enhances your natural texture but adds a day-enduring hold so you don't have to think twice post-spritz. 

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