Nordstrom's Beauty Sale Is Next-Level—Here's What I'm Telling My Friends to Buy

Whenever I'm perusing the internet and notice one of my favorite beauty products on sale, I immediately text my friends, email my mom, and take a screenshot. Really good beauty sales are hard to come by, and oftentimes there will only be a few products I'll wholeheartedly recommend to my beauty-loving friends and family.

So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Nordstrom's Spring Clearance Sale and saw 70% of my makeup bag and vanity on sale. Friends, this sale is good, and so many of the brands and products I use and shout about from the rooftops daily are majorly discounted. I suggest striking while the iron is hot since the sale ends at precisely 11:59 p.m. on June 21. (And I have a sneaking suspicion many of the hot ticket beauty items won't last long.) Below, I'm sharing 23 products I'm recommending my loved ones buy immediately. Keep scrolling! 


I've been using this holy-grail foundation brush since college and have already turned so many of my close friends onto its Harry Potter-level wizardry. When it comes to foundation, I want my application to look even, flawless, and one with my skin. This brush accomplishes just that, and though this might be a controversial statement...I love it more than my Beautyblender. Plus, since it's synthetic, it lasts forever and doesn't collect and hold onto the product.

Speaking of foundation, a few of my absolute favorites are on sale right now, but I recently discovered this weightless formula from Shiseido and (sorry) can't shut up about it. The shade range is on point and it features this really nifty technology that "self-refreshes" so your makeup essentially looks freshly applied even after it's been on your face for 10 hours. Oh, and remember what I said about wanting my foundation to look even, flawless, and one with my skin? This one effortlessly accomplishes all of the above. Additional perks include a helpful boost of SPF 30 and a zit-discouraging oil-free composition—both of which are clutch for summer.

P.S., the matching concealer is just as dreamy.

This mesmerizing eye shadow palette has been on my beauty wish list for months, so in addition to adding it to the carts of all of my friends, I'll be adding it to my own as well. I'm obsessed with the striking jewel-inspired tones and shimmering finish. 

This is another O.G. makeup product I've used, loved, and recommended to my loved ones forever. My fellow beauty editor, Courtney Higgs, is also a fan, and I've even gotten my 73-year-old mom and best friend hooked. There's nothing that gets my goat like shadowy, creasey under-eyes, and this lighter-than-air powder from Laura Mercier ensures I never have to deal. The brand has specifically designed it for the delicate under-eye area and it instantly brightens and sets concealer for the ultimate photo-finish. I never apply my makeup without it and swear it's magical pixie dust from Tinkerbell, herself. (FYI, there are two different shades available—one for deeper skin tones and one for lighter.)

I'm fully aware there are new and V exciting mascaras launching every few weeks or so (I'm a beauty editor, and I try them all), so the fact that this timeless iteration of Dior's holy-grail Diorshow formula is still in my all-time top three, is telling. (CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara and Glossier Lash Slick are my other two faves ICYWW.) This mascara has it all. It's lightweight and never gets heavy, clumpy, or gloopy, which makes its talent for achieving simultaneous length and separation uncanny. It also yields amazing curl which is perhaps my favorite feature. Every single person with eyelashes needs this mascara, and I recommend snapping it up in both black and blue since applying a coat of blue mascara is a stealthy celebrity makeup artist trick for enhancing the eyes. 

Meet your newest low-maintenance lip obsession. I own every single shade of this airy mousse and can say I use each and every single one regularly. It's buildable, waterproof, and despite the pillowy matte finish (like you've just blotted), it never leaves lips dry or chapped looking. It's a great alternative if heavy lipsticks or glosses aren't your vibe for the incoming summer heat. 

Nars's collection of Afterglow Lip Balms are one of my favorite makeup products (ever), and slowly but surely, I'm trying to collect every single lip-enhancing shade. The color pay-off is notable but subtle, and your lips are left shiny, supple, and just as the name would suggest, superbly glowy. This duo is a fantastic deal and I'm sending screenshots to my mom, sister, and friends. 

I've been coveting this stunning best-seller from Too Faced ever since Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's go-to makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes used it on me last year. It's the perfect ensemble of colors and finishes for any summer makeup look.

As far as powder highlighters go, this is one of the absolute best I've ever tried. It imparts the most flattering, photo-friendly finish, and I swear it gets prettier and prettier the longer you wear it. You have quite a few shades to choose from—I apply Devotion everywhere—from my Cupid's bow to my cheekbones to my eyelids.  

If you haven't tried Stila's cult-loved liquid eyeliner by now, I highly recommend you strike while the iron is hot. (AKA when you can snap it up on sale!) I've tried so many other formulas, and while there have been many worthy contenders over the years, I always, always come back to Stila. 


When it comes to creating the perfect canvas for makeup, some moisturizers truly excel and yield far superior results than others. This best-seller from Bobbi Brown is enriched with face-loving vitamins and will give your complexion a much-needed boost of nutrition before you start layering on other products. 

I love Indie Lee's range of clean skincare. This cleanser, in particular, is one of my all-time favorites for a detoxifying deep clean. Plus, it's filled with antioxidants and gentle glow-enhancing ingredients your skin will appreciate long-term, as well. 

If you're not into self-tanning, keep scrolling. However, if you're a faux-tan stan like me, heed my advice and try this express formula from St. Tropez. I'm obsessed with mousse formulas since I feel like they yield the most even and concentrated color results, and I love how efficient this express version is. Leave it on for just an hour or two if you want a hint of color. Or, do like me and leave it on overnight for a seven-day vacation sans sun. (Pro-tip: Make sure you apply this with a mitt!) 

A good lip balm is a staple. This one is affordable, straightforward, and super-dreamy before bed or makeup. You can choose from Clear, Mint, or Rose, but I'm partial to the latter.

Face oils can get dicey once steamy summer weather sets in. This one from Sunday Riley is specifically designed to clarify congestion-prone skin and in turn, keeps clogged pores, excess oil, and breakouts at bay. 

If you're a mist person, this one from Elemis is like a superfood green juice packed into a bottle for your complexion. It's healing, refrshing, and one of my favorite hacks is to spritz my makeup brushes and my Beautyblender with it pre-makeup. (You'll get an extra-special lit-from-within effect!)

I love Dr. Weil's Mega Mushroom line from Origins. I hold it responsible for clearing a frustrating bout of acne back in college, and I still keep it on hand to this day due to how glowy, healthy, and smooth it makes my skin look. I tell everyone about this serum—its healing powers are impressive.

Sunscreen is non-negotiable 365 days a year, and after hearing from dermatologists and plastic surgeons that StriVectin is one of the best skincare brands for anti-aging, I've been incorporating more and more products from the line into my regular routine. So far, this reef-safe illuminating SPF has been a particular standout. (It also staves off potential damage from the environment and blue light exposure!)

Hair and Fragrance

I was admittedly super-dependent on my weekly Drybar appointments pre-quarantine, but ever since discovering the amazing prowess of blow-dry brushes like this one, I've officially converted to at-home blowouts, instead. (My wallet is so, so thrilled.) And yes, they work on all hair types! 

If you're in the market for a new curling iron, I pretty much only ever recommend this beloved trio from T3 which allows you to achieve a wide range of curls, bends, and waves. 

It was love at first sniff the moment I laid nose on this still relatively new fragrance launch from Lancôme, and I have yet to get sick of it. Zendaya is the face of this fresh, floral perfume that boasts elegant notes of bergamot, pear, pink peppercorn, rose, jasmine, white musk, vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood.

This is the perfect perfume for anyone who loves the scent of rose. It's stunning, timeless, and always wins me loads of complements. 

Jo Malone has so many homerun fragrances under its belt, and practically every bottle is considered a beloved best-seller. That said, if I could only choose one Jo Malone perfume to wear for the rest of my life, I would have to choose the brand's Peony & Blush Suede Cologne. There's something so enveloping, warm, and smooth about the juicy scent. Perhaps it's due to unexpected additions like red apple, jasmine, rose, and gillyflower.

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