Chrissy Teigen Is Finally "Proud" of Her Skin Thanks to This High-Low Routine

Chrissy Teigen is by far one of our favorite celebrities to follow on Instagram. She keeps it real, she keeps us laughing, she keeps us full, and yes, she even keeps us updated on her favorite beauty products and skincare tips. (Something she's been even more open about since her pregnancies!)

Most recently, Teigen acknowledged all of her followers who have been asking for in-depth details regarding her full skincare routine, and Teigen (bless her) obliged. "For you kind folks asking me to drop the skincare regimen, I will admit I am def proud of my skin lately and feeling myself!"

Teigen admits that she "kind of uses whatever is closest," (she's busy after all!) but there are nine products, in particular, that have really made a positive impact on her skin. Most of the said products are, indeed, investments, but we were also pleasantly surprised to see some drugstore staples (like Bioré's cult-loved pore strips!) included as well. Keep scrolling for every single product Teigen has been loving lately. 


This cleanser from IS Clinical is the *unofficial* official best cleanser in the universe. Courtney Higgs, my fellow WWW beauty editor, and I both swear by it, celebrities hoard it, and so many facialists and dermatologists we chat to also recommend it. Teigen explains in her post that celebrity facialist Shani Darden turned her onto it.

Moisturizers and Serums

In her IG post, Teigen shared that she also uses a face lotion from iS Clinical per Darden's expert recommendation. And while she didn't specify which face lotion, we have a hunch it could be this priming/moisturizing hybrid. Clue #1: It's a known favorite within the industry, and clue #2: It can also be found on Darden's website where she features the products she loves and recommends to clientele. (Fun fact: The formula was co-developed by makeup artists and looks beautifully glowy underneath your foundation.)

La Mer is one of the most cult-loved skincare brands in the industry, and according to her post, Teigen is not immune to the brand's skin magic. 

She favors the Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream (above) along with The Concentrate to keep her skin topped up with healing benefits and lots of hydration. We also appreciate Teigen acknowledging how expensive these products are while sharing she just wants to be completely honest about what has been working for her skin.

Okay, so here lies another mystery: Teigen reveals in her post that in addition to getting regular facials at Dr. Jason Diamond's office in Beverly Hills (it's a celebrity skin hotspot), she also uses Dr. Simon Ourian's "firm and fade cream" when she's "feeling icks."

After lots of hunting, we couldn't find a product developed by Ourian with that exact name, but we did discover his new skincare line which includes a game-changing serum designed to address issues like loss of firmness and discoloration. We're not sure if this is the exact elixir Teigen is referencing on Insta, but it's a strategic option all the same! You can buy his entire skin-transforming kit which includes said serum along with a cleanser and exfoliant, above.


If you're someone who despises or resists facial sunscreen due to acne-prone skin, this oil-free sunscreen (loved by both Teigen and Darden) is a great option. 

The Add-Ons:

Not everything within Teigen's skin regimen is budget-breaking. She says she's a huge fan of Bioré's OG nose and chin strips which you can easily buy at the drugstore. (For the record, the jury is out amongst dermatologists as to whether or not these types of strips are truly effective, but hey, if they're good enough for Chrissy…)

This option has strips for both your nose and face. So yes, if you have bumps or congestion on your chin like Teigen, you can apply one there as well. 

Last but not least (and added as an edit later on!), Teigen revealed another top pick that plenty of other celebrities have backed as well: Dr. Dennis Gross's holy-grail peel pads: "I forgot one of my most important products, @drdennisgross alpha beta peel pads. So important for on and around my nose and chin. You’ll notice a huge difference!!?"

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