Run, Don't Walk: Augustinus Bader Launched the Hand Cream of All Hand Creams

Like so many other beauty and fashion labels this year, cult-loved skincare brand Augustinus Bader has taken on major relief initiatives, donating 12,000 bottles of The Rich Cream ($265)—the true AB hero formula—to hospitals around the world. (According to Charles Rosier, the co-founder and CEO of Augustinus Badersaid 12,000 bottles composed the majority of stock the brand had on hand.)

Additionally, the brand has officially extended its family of technologically forward skin-saving products to include the hand cream of all hand creams: The Hand Treatment ($50). Just like the brand's other favorites—The Rich Cream ($265), The Cream ($265), and The Body Cream ($165)—and its more makeup-forward collaboration with Victoria Beckham BeautyThe Hand Treatment ($50) also features the brand's signature patented skincare technology, TFC8



Ultra-hydrating ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, and vitamin E, along with natural antibacterial benefactors such as honey and white peony extract help soothe and velvet-ize dry, irritated, overwashed hands, but it's the TFC8 (a results-driven byproduct of 30 years of research executed by Bader himself) that acts as the true fairy godmother here. Strategically composed of amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and the synthesized versions of molecules naturally found in our skin, the brand explains TFC8 essentially works like a GPS—attracting rehabilitation-oriented nutrients to skin cells with the goal of creating new and ideal conditions for our body's natural cell renewal process. Translation: It's basically the Benjamin Button phenomenon, bottled.

You can read more about The Hand Treatment ($50) on the brand's website, but here's the highlight reel: True to the Augustinus Bader name, the new hand cream is luxuriously rich yet wonderfully fast-absorbing for a smooth, supple finish. The formula improves the skin's natural elasticity and can reduce the look of aging, scarring, and other pigmentation. It helps protect the delicate skin on your hands from pollution and other environmental stressors. It's formulated for all skin types. The tube itself is fully recyclable PE, and it's 100% free of parabens, fragrance, SLS, SLES, DEA, heavy metals, talc, and petrolatum/paraffin/mineral oil. 

For optimal results, the brand recommends applying a small amount (a little goes a long way due to how high-quality the formula is!) when needed, but especially on dry hands after you've washed or slathered on your hand sanitizer. Keep scrolling to shop all of our other Augustinus Bader must-haves in addition to a few more handcare staples we're keeping in our arsenal right now.

More Augustinus Bader Essentials

If you're considering investing in a new face cream, this is the formula that almost every celebrity and makeup artist we know swears by. There are two versions of the cult-loved cream, and this richer option is best suited or those with especially dry skin or anti-aging goals. In fact, it's packed with so many great ingredients, it's designed to basically erase the need for any other skincare products aside from a cleanser and SPF. 

Still packed with glow- and health-giving hydration, this version is a little bit lighter in weight, which makes it a better option for those who are more oily or acne-prone (or if you're in search of something less heavy for the impending summer temperatures).

If you're looking to extend the trademark Augustinus Bader skin benefits to your limbs, the brand's beloved Body Cream is the ultimate solution. Unlike the majority of rich body creams on the market, it's not at all greasy, and it sinks into the skin with ease. (And yes, it features the same, innovative stem cell technology found in all AB products.)

When longtime Augustinus Bader fan Victoria Beckham announced a collaboration with her very own namesake beauty brand, excitement pretty much soared within the industry. My fellow beauty editor Courtney Higgs and I agree—this primer-moisturizer hybrid is the best thing that's ever happened to our makeup routine. (In addition to its tightening and lifting perks, it will make your foundation application look practically poreless.)

Yes, this do-it-all serum from the collaboration is an investment, but like all of Bader's formulas, it's so multitasking and potent that it's more than worth the splurge. It houses the famed TFC8 complex for amazing anti-aging perks and bountiful other things like yeast ferment complex, triple-weight hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, olive fruit extract, microalgae extract, and floral biopeptides. 

More Handcare Products We Love

We're washing our hands more than ever right now, and this is the loveliest, dreamiest-smelling hand wash we've ever tried. (Also, for the record, it lasts forever.)

Tenoverten is one of our staple manicure destinations (pre-quarantine, of course), and this nutrient-rich repairing serum acts as a great extra layer for moisture and softness insurance. 

We're big fans of every single one of Susanne Kaufmann's gorgeous body products, but it's this makeover-worthy hand peel that really has our hearts right now. Think of it as a fun new addition to your self-pampering routine. 

We love the way a peppy dose of crimson polish looks on our nails (especially if it's Chanel).

If you're missing your in-salon manicure habit or your cuticles are just sending an SOS in response to all of the washing and sanitizing, this rose-infused cuticle oil is here to help. 

Scrubs need not be harsh and abrasive. We love this rose-scented elixir from Byredo to rid our hands of scales, chap, and dull-inducing cell buildup. Naturally, it's the perfect way to pregame for your hand cream application.

Tread carefully, but this handy little tool will help keep your cuticles and nails looking polished and tidy. 

Last but not least, fingernail clippers. Believe it or not, the quality of your set makes a difference, and we're personally devoted to this affordable, no-funny-business stainless-steel model from Tweezerman.

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