I Spend 80% of My Day Evaluating Beauty Products—Here's What I'm Itching to Try

Have you ever heard one of those startling statistics like, for instance, how many collective hours in a lifetime you'll spend sitting on the toilet or waiting in traffic? Well, the number of hours I spend in front of my computer shopping for, typing about, and researching beauty products would probably be even more alarming. (I could probably do the math, but I have a hunch I don't want to know.)

Luckily for me, all of the above beauty-related activities are supremely more enjoyable than sitting on the toilet or waiting in traffic. There are lots of reasons I wanted to become a beauty editor, one being I'm thoroughly obsessed with beauty products. Even though I have easier access to products now than I did back in high school and college when I'd stockpile lists of things I wanted to try, I still to this day keep tallies, bookmarks, and screenshots of beauty items (new and not new) that I have my eye on. Thankfully, given that the beauty industry is worth roughly $532 billion (according to Forbes), there is never any shortage of formulaic fodder for me to drool over, lust after, and recommend. 

My various wish lists have been accumulating, so before my computer implodes, I've put them to good use by creating the ultimate summer beauty shopping guide, sorted by retailer. (Because, yes, I have at least 10 different retailer tabs open on my desktop at all times.) Looking for some beauty shopping inspo? Keep scrolling! Below, I'm sharing 28 hair, skin, and makeup products I have my eye on from Sephora, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Violet Grey, and Verishop



My Sephora Wish List

I own literally hundreds of makeup products (it just comes with the job territory), but 90% of my daily routine is Charlotte Tilbury. I'm obsessed with CT's OG Magic Cream Moisturizer, which makes my skin look dewy and glass-like before I even get started on my makeup, but it is a tad bit heavy for my congestion-prone skin. Now that summer has arrived, I can't wait to get my hands on this brand-new version of the cult-loved cream, which has a lighter consistency but with all the same glow-boosting benefits. I also love that it has an extra dose of SPF protection!

Patrick Ta is one of my all-time favorite makeup artists, and I've been so impressed with his namesake beauty line ever since its debut. The most recent addition? Luxe lipsticks boasting an ultra-pigmented, matte finish. I have my eye on She's Not From Here, a fiery shade of orange-red. 

I'm a mascara fiend, and so many fellow beauty editors in the industry have been raving about the brilliant, falsie-effect results of this new twofer mascara wand from Huda Beauty. 

Speaking of brilliant twofers… Get a load of this amazing new launch from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Each sleek tube features everything you need for a perfected summer brow moment—a malleable pencil on one side and a tinted gel on the other. 

This has been the summer of me attempting to perfect my at-home manicure skills. I just spotted these chic nail stickers from the geniuses at Ciaté London, and I can't wait to experiment.

My Nordstrom Wish List

Discussing the weird lumps, bumps, and irritation we get on our bodies isn't exactly sexy to talk about, but it's something everyone deals with (especially come summer when we're exposing more of our skin to the elements). As a preemptive measure, I'm adding this fast-acting body scrub from First Aid Beauty to my summer product lineup. 

More and more beauty brands have been launching their own ultra-breathable versions of CC and BB creams that are luxurious hybrids between skincare and makeup. (Recently, I've been obsessed with these launches from Ilia and Lancôme.) I've always had a soft spot for Parisian brand Clarins, and I'm intrigued to try this featherlight, plant oil–infused foundation. 

I'm not above admitting that I still get some of my best beauty secrets and product recommendations from following fellow beauty editors. So when I saw former Vogue beauty editor Jenna Rennert add a few drops of this dreamy illuminating serum from Clé de Peau Beauté to her go-to foundation, you can bet I immediately added the bottle to my shopping list. (Your skin will look like it's been hit by a sunbeam.)

About a month ago, I found both the eyebrow serum and the eyelash serum from NeuLash at the bottom of my apartment beauty pile. I've been using both of them regularly since then (I apply the brow serum every morning and the lash serum every night), and I have been SO impressed with the results. So not only will I be restocking both soon, but I am also itching to try this hair- and scalp-enhancing formula from the brand. Essentially, it's a leave-in conditioning foam designed to help hair grow stronger, thicker, and faster in less than 90 days.

I know I'm not the only person who has experienced an uptick in sleepless nights this year. I've always been a huge fan of Vital Proteins' collagen products, and I can't wait to stock my supplement stash with this decadent-sounding evening latte powder. It's strategically spiked with 10 grams of bone broth collagen as well as melatonin, GABA, and magnesium—all of which work together to promote a better night of beauty sleep.

My Net-a-Porter Wish List

Apparently, I have yet to outgrow my elementary school obsession with planners. But when said obsession collides with one of my all-time favorite skincare brands, 111Skin, you can bet I'm all over it. I love these masks because not only do they actually stick to (versus slip and drip off of) your face, but they also yield instant gratification in terms of their brightening, tightening, and plumping perks. I'm 100% down to invest in this good-skin planning kit. 

I've been saying that I want to invest in and try an at-home light therapy mask like this for months. There are a few highly rated options to choose from, but considering that these types of celeb-level masks will be an expensive (yet worthwhile) investment no matter what, MZ Skin is the one that's highest on my want list. Unlike other models on the market that just feature red- and blue-light therapy, this one features red, blue, green, yellow, and white. Red stimulates collagen production, blue helps to banish and prevent acne, green targets pigmentation and discoloration, yellow boosts circulation and reduces redness, and white helps minimize inflammation and skin sensitivity.

I've been outspoken about my love for ultra-chic grooming brand Fur, and somehow I only just spotted these dreamy calming bath drops from the brand. Since I've been taking a bath a minute during quarantine, I can't wait to drop a few of these babies into my next session. Each drop is filled with the brand's signature blend of skin-soothing clary sage, jojoba, and grape-seed oil, which can specifically target inflamed areas post-shave. 

I've been waking up less bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than I'd like, so it only makes sense to turn to one of the best names in the industry, Dr. Barbara Sturm, for some skin TLC. I spent some time wading through her products, and I've landed on these expertly formulated nightly ampoules that are designed to supercharge your skin's natural nightly renewal process. Each one houses cotton thistle extract, senna alata extract, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, and purslane. It's the closest thing I can find on the internet to the fountain of youth in a bottle—or, well, ampoule. 

I'm obsessed with healthy, glowing skin that practically shimmers (especially come summer when I'm showing off more of my limbs). Thus, this gleaming body oil is super-high on my product wish list. I love that it comes in three different shades to flatter a variety of skin tones, and my parched skin could definitely do with its rejuvenating nutrition panel featuring things like argan oil and shea butter. Not to mention, the warm, floral scent of rose and sandalwood sounds downright heavenly. 

My Violet Grey Wish List

I've been bingeing too many back-to-back episodes of The Crown during quarantine, but how scrumptious are these brand-new (magnetic!) portable eye shadow pods from legendary makeup artist Gucci Westman? I'm intrigued by the drama of the trio called Les Nuits, which features black, warm ivory, and a metallic hue of oxblood.

I've tried over and over again to do the whole inner-corner-of-the-eye brightening thing, and it just never looks as natural or pretty as when I see my favorite makeup artists do it. So I'm currently salivating over this ingenious innovation from Surratt Beauty. One end of this double-ended pen features an eyeliner specifically formulated to neutralize redness along the waterline while the other end holds a complementary shimmering powder you can easily apply to tricky areas like the brow bone, lash line, or inner corners. 

An embarrassing but true story: I've always been a comb-versus-brush kind of gal, and I bring one with me to each and every hair appointment so stylists can use it to more gently detangle my hair. I've found wide-tooth combs result in significantly less breakage and serve my fragile strands far better than other popular detangling tools like Wet Brush and Tangle Teezer. (No shade intended; it's just the truth!) That said, I'm ready to upgrade my $2 plastic drugstore model for this chicer-than-chic option from Crown Affair. Hand-carved in Sweden and conveniently pocket-size, it not only tackles snarls head-on with strand-salvaging ease, but it also doubles as a scalp massager. 

Immunity is on everyone's minds right now, which is why I plan on stocking up on this strategic supplement from one of my fave wellness brands, The Nue Co. Fun fact: Our bodies can't store vitamin C on their own, and, according to the brand, when we take it as a supplement, less than half of the enclosed vitamin C is usually absorbed by the body. That said, this supplement is entirely unique in that it not only provides 100% of your daily dose, but it also uses specific clean ingredients proven to increase vitamin C's absorption by 52%. 

Confession: I'm a little obsessed with keeping my teeth as sparkling white as possible from home versus at the dentist. And honestly, I've had better luck with at-home products than expensive in-office treatments. I've heard amazing things about Dr. Apa, and since I just ran out of a few of my other fave whitening products, I'm restocking with celeb-approved formulas from his line like this whitening and strengthening toothpaste. 

My Verishop Wish List

It took me a while to board the acne-patch bandwagon, but I'm officially on with both legs. I'm still convinced some brands are a scam, but Zitsticka's selection of blemish-fighting patches is the real deal. I've been using its OG clarifying version since the brand launched a couple of years ago, and as someone with stubborn acne scars, I can't wait to try this brand-new addition. It specifically uses a potent blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, arbutin, macadamia seed oil, kojic acid, ascorbic acid, licorice root extract, tranexamic acid, and citric acid to brighten discoloration and reduce the appearance of lingering dark spots. 

One of the things I've missed most during the pandemic is regular facials and massages. (And I know I'm not alone here!) I'm keen to try out this buzzy wand designed by celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, which is specifically inspired by her iconic lymphatic spa treatment. In a nutshell, it regulates your skin's temperature, which helps balance and restore luminosity while also stimulating the natural flow and health of the lymphatic system so your skin's intrinsic stream of vital nutrients and vitamins aren't getting cut off. 

Gloss Moderne is one of my all-time-favorite haircare brands, and in full disclosure, it's one of the only clean hair brands that effectively banishes residue, grime, and buildup from my strands. Summertime is always the sweatiest, gunkiest time for my strands, so I imagine this new detoxifying treatment will work much-needed wonders. 

I might be the only beauty editor alive who doesn't own a cold roller. Alas, my perpetually puffy under-eyes and face say it's high time to take the plunge. This affordable one from Glow Skincare uses premium-quality stainless steel to effectively boost blood flow and drain lymphatic fluid while also minimizing redness, puff, and bacteria. 

Most face oils don't work for my congestion-prone skin type, but this dreamy option contains particular oils like jojoba, camellia, rose hip, sea buckthorn, watermelon, and argan, which are far less comedogenic than, say, coconut oil and therefore less likely to aggravate and clog my pores. 

This might be TMI, but hey, it's 2020, and I'm here to say Smile Makers makes some of the best vibrators in the biz. You have lots of different models to choose from, so go ahead and pick your poison. 

Bug repellent isn't the most exciting skin product to shop for, but this DEET-free formula from Kinfield is formulated from healthy, safe, plant-based ingredients (like clove and lemongrass), which makes me significantly more likely to apply it and significantly less likely to be riddled with itchy, purple-red insect bites this summer. 

Supergoop! is one of my favorite brands for all of my SPF needs, and I've been not-so-patiently making my way through my go-to tube of Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($34) so I can try out this new rendition from the brand, which is specifically formulated to, you guessed it, boost the natural glow of your complexion. (Both Unseen and Glowscreen are great on their own or in lieu of your normal primer pre-makeup!)

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