The Rose Gold Sneakers That Make Leggings Look Chic



Welcome to the latest edition of the series in which we'll cover a variety of basics that we turn to time and time again. We hope that The Basics will help you build your closet with pieces that you will wear on repeat without doing harm to your bank account. We already covered the $69 treggings that "flatter every body type," the $100 cashmere sweater that makes any wardrobe look expensive, the free leggings everyone was talking about, the perfect T-shirt we wear over and over, the world's most slimming skinny jeans, the graphic tee every It girl is wearing, and the denim jacket that goes with dresses, leggings, and jeans. Next up are the sneakers you'll reach for every time you wear leggings. 

In the fall and winter, sneakers and leggings admittedly become mainstays in my wardrobe. After warmth, comfort is key when it's cold out, but that hardly means that style has to be sacrificed. A pair of standout sneakers can transform your legging look to something chic and polished. The sneakers that have been doing just that for me as of late are APL's TechLoom Pro Rose Gold Mélange Sneakers. They instantly elevate a plain pair of leggings (my favorite of which are Alo's High Waist Airbrush Leggings), while providing comfort and support in spades. Plus, resisting the allure of a pair of sparkly rose gold sneakers that are actually cool is not something that comes particularly easy to me. 

Below, read all about the pretty rose gold sneakers and flattering leggings I've been wearing on repeat.