Where to Buy the Logo Trend If You're a Savvy Shopper

You know what’s the amazing thing about designer logos? For the most iconic fashion brands, they rarely change. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because the symbols (think LV, GG and FF) carry so much heritage and are such a major part of their brands' recognition that it wouldn't make much sense to make a swap.

Which is why back in March Kourtney Kardashian was able to sport an iconic Dior Saddle bag in Japan that's almost identical to the one that the brand revived for its F/W 18 runway a few days prior. It wasn't from the same collection, but it sure looked like it. When I recently walked into a Dior store and felt like the designer's latest logo bag looked unusually familiar, that's because the print and fabric are identical to a similar Dior bag I'd seen in my mom's closet close to 20 years ago.

Naturally, all of this got me thinking: With the logomania trend looming large, why buy a new logo piece when I can just wear an old one? (Or why not do both?) Of course, even if you don't happen to have an old Dior, Gucci, or Chanel item lying around the house, there are still countless channels on which you can buy vintage pieces for a lot less than one you'd get in a store today.

Since there are so many sites, sellers, and places to buy vintage out there, I thought it would help for me to share some of my personal favorites. To see some of the sites I trust for authenticated vintage (and will be scooping up logo-clad pieces from), keep on scrolling.