These Plus-Size Leggings Have the Best Reviews

Best plus-size leggings


Girlfriend Collective

Leggings have quickly earned a spot in many of our closets as the one piece we'd wear every day (if only life were so easy). They're simple, comfortable, and make the art of moving through our busy lives just a little bit easier. But while the fashion industry continues to move toward inclusivity, the options for women above a size 12 are often limited in comparison. So we sought out the best plus-size leggings out there.

We researched options and read through reviews from a number of our favorite sites to compile a final list of 18 styles that women love to wear. Whether you plan to wear them to yoga class, brunch, or both, these leggings manage to nail both the comfort and style departments—a knockout combination. And since we're of the opinion that there's no such thing as owning too many leggings, check out the range of styles below, and pick up a few of your favorites.

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