This '90s Top Is Resurrecting Itself in 2020—Here Are 17 I'm Adding to My Cart

I'm sorry if we sound like a broken record each time we bring up the topic of '90s trends, but in our defense, you can't really blame us when everything from the runways to our favorite TV shows is flooded with nostalgic styles from the era. The '90s have proven yet again to be the decade that just keeps giving, so here we are highlighting the latest throwback trend to emerge, and before you roll your eyes, let me just say that it's one you're going to want to wear (if you're not already).

One-shoulder tops have resurrected themselves just in time for summer weather, and they're well-aligned with the whole minimal and pared-back aesthetic that's so iconic of the '90s. What's more, the asymmetric neckline is actually so easy to wear with skirts, shorts, and jeans, but wearing one looks like a lot of effort went into the outfit. From strappy single-shoulder tanks to sultry satin versions, shop my edit of the best one-shoulder tops at a range of price points.

Okay, so this one is a bodysuit (don't come for me), but the shoulder cutout adds a ton of interest.

When I say '90s minimalism, this is exactly what I'm talking about. The skinny strap, the minimal silhouette, it's just *chef's kiss.*

An It top in an It color from an It brand… So how is this top still in stock?

Even though Renata actually took the straps of a standard tank and wore them on the same side in the above outfit (genius, right?), this one easily gets the same look without stretching out your other tanks.

Just looking at this soft lilac color is already making me feel more relaxed.

Sewn by hand in France by two local seamstresses, this delicate side-tie top is simple but charming. And it comes with a matching scrunchie.

Everything Nanushka touches turns impeccable.

single shoulder tops with jeans



If you're looking for a way to make your blue jeans look fresher, this is it.

single shoulder tanks


cute one-shoulder tops



And just like that, your casual outfits are leveled-up.

When we start going out again, I'd like to style this with jeans and heels, please and thank you.

I had to leave you with a simple ribbed top because, well, the '90s.