I Look at Reformation, Nordstrom, and H&M Every Week—These Items Are in My Cart


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I wasn't always into fashion, and I'm not just saying this. I truly mean it. In fact, I was a walking antithesis of fashion. Up until seventh grade, I used to retain a very questionable sense of style that required sweatpants worn backward and inside out with a men's European soccer jersey over the top, all followed by my bangs that were obviously trendier when they stuck straight up. And let's not get into the sheer amount of outfit repeating that occurred within a week. My mother was thrilled. Apparently, this classic style saved her the money that all the other mothers of my classmates spent on various frilled skirts and new shoes. And then, I entered eighth grade, and she regretted saying that immediately. Don't ask me where it came from, but my wardrobe became that of a tweenaged girl, and soon, I was tagging along on all my mom's shopping trips.

Up until I was 15, I never would have thought this would be my job. I knew very little about fashion brands. Honestly, for all I knew, a moto jacket could have been a souvenir from one of my favorite Palm Beach restaurants, Imoto. Yet here I am now, browsing online retailers every day and running into store after store weekly to check out the latest styles and trends. So when I was tasked with writing about my favorite items from Reformation, Nordstrom, and H&M, it was an absolute breeze. I still may have a lot to learn, but my knowledge of fashion has come very, very far. Keep scrolling to see all the best picks, but don't worry. No backward, inside-out sweatpants were harmed in the making of this roundup.



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