The 5 Closet Staples My Mom and I Both Buy at Nordstrom

You may already be somewhat familiar with my mother. Yep, the retired teacher who’s into style and has no problem sharing some of her latest sartorial thoughts with me, which I often then parlay into some of the content I create as a fashion editor. And while we’re both clearly different and have our own unique personal styles, we do share some similarities in the shopping department. Believe it or not, we both actually wear similar basic items to round out our classic wardrobes. And what’s one store where we purchase a lot of said staple items? Yep, Nordstrom. (Although, if we’re shopping currently, it’s all digitally of course.) Honestly, this may not come as much of a shock since the mega retailer does stock quite the range of chic basics.

With all that in mind, I thought it would be fun to showcase the general essentials both my mom and I turn to when we’re perusing Nordstrom. So if you’re shopping at the moment or want to bookmark a few pieces to reference at a later date, keep scrolling for a bit of visual inspiration, followed by a curation of cool basics that could be worth testing out.



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Need denim? You'll probably find exactly what you're looking for here—both my mom and I do. In fact, we're both partial to skinny and straight-leg jeans.

Tees and Tanks


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If it's a classic tee I'm looking for or a modern tank (my mom loves to layer them with cardigans), Nordstrom has one of the best offerings of simple tops for just about every taste out there.

Sandals and Sneakers


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It's no secret that Nordstrom's shoe department is epic. The sandal-and-sneaker collection is especially noteworthy. My mom is currently eyeing a few flat slides and sandals for summer, and I tend to stock up on simple sneaker silhouettes.



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Nordstrom offers quite the assortment of modern tailoring—especially sleek blazers at a variety of price points. 



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In the same realm as the simple tees above, my mom, in particular, likes browsing Nordstrom's assortment of timeless blouses to continue building her classic wardrobe. 

Next, check out more stylish items to consider from Nordstrom.

Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

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