Miniskirts Are the It Item of Summer 2022—These 30 Will Sell Out First

It's already been decided many times over: Summer 2022 is the summer of the miniskirt. I wouldn't call it a comeback, though. Miniskirts are never really "out," but they're not always a trend either. This season, they 100% are. And something to note is that they're also shorter than usual. In some cases, they're very short, but any length you're comfortable with will do.

The blessing and the curse of something being a trend is that you're probably going to be bombarded with tons of versions of that trend to choose from. As such, I've seen an overwhelming number of cool miniskirts as of late, and I, unfortunately, can't buy them all. So as one does when they're a miniskirt-loving fashion editor, I narrowed them down. It wasn't easy, but it was pretty fun. Scroll to shop my picks before they sell out (because everyone is doing the miniskirt thing right now).

It wouldn't be a miniskirt roundup without a Reformation appearance.

I don't know about you, but I'll always be fond of a good denim mini.

I'd trade my sarongs for this as a swimsuit cover-up.

Miaou understood the miniskirt assignment.

Miniskirt outfits



This was designed for repeat wears.

It's an It skirt, so get it while you still can.

This is upcycled, so each one will look different.

If you prefer something with more of a modest length, this is a great option.

Miniskirt outfits


Miniskirt outfits



I love that this crochet number is lined.

This is the third pink skirt in this roundup, and I regret nothing.

Miniskirt outfits



For those who prefer their skirts short and stretchy.

It's not sold out now, but it will be.

Yep, pleated skirts are still cool.

I love that this touches on the cargo trend.

Levi's cult-favorite jeans, in skirt form.