I Lurk on TikTok Daily—These 7 Summer Trends Are Going Viral

Welcome back to your seasonal TikTok recap, where we scan our For You Page for the coolest things people are wearing on the coolest app. While Instagram can be a bit more curated, TikTok shows what everyone's wearing immediately. Someone could be on their way to a routine doctor's appointment, but they'll first stop to take a casual 'fit-check video on the side of the street and share it with their followers, whether they have 500 or five million. Sometimes you find people on the app you would never have thought to follow elsewhere, like this chic 50-year-old mom, who I recently tapped to hear all about her essentials.

I could go on about my TikTok obsession, but the proof is in the pudding. Below, you'll find seven trends that have dominated my TikTok feed and how my favorite fashion follows are championing each. With summer coming soon, you don't want to miss out on these.

Easy Button-Downs



While TikTok can sometimes have a deeper focus on "out-there" trends, there's been a pivot to prioritizing basics on the app. Button-downs are a staple that I probably haven't appreciated enough, and some TikTok users agree. Last year, I only owned one, and now I own about five—and they're my most-worn pieces. They're comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. What more could you want in a trend?

Summer is coming, and the best way to look put-together with no effort for the season is to opt for a matching set. Whether it's a printed button-down and pants or a bright-colored top and skirt, you need one in your arsenal. You can wear the pieces together or mix and match, making it perfect for a vacation or traveling when you're trying to pack light.




I've noticed an uptick in plissé on TikTok, and the elevated pleats seem to look good on everyone. I have invested in neutral options, but you can also take a note from Maha above and go for full-on saturated hues. 

Cargo Pants



The Y2K aesthetic is going strong on the app, and I've seen a surge of videos that feature cargo pants. (Bonus points if they're low-rise. Do you dare?)

Shorts season is here, people! And while the TikTok fashion set may be championing the micro-mini hemline for skirts, it's the opposite in the shorts department. Think mid-thigh length, and even knee-length if you're willing to tap into the Bermuda trend again.




Would it be summer without crochet? The craftcore trend has taken over, from dresses to vacation hats. Take advantage of the warmer months, and add a crochet piece to your wardrobe right now.

Micro Miniskirts

Like I said, the Y2K scene hasn't gone anywhere on TikTok, and the era called for skirts that are quite mini. In the words of Paris Hilton, "Skirts should be the size of a belt. Life's short. Take risks."