I Just Spent Hours Searching for the Best Summer Minidresses—These Ones Stood Out

We talk a lot about midi and maxi dresses, especially as we fly towards the summer months, but you might have noticed that our mini-dress recommendations are few and far between. This isn't always a conscious choice—frankly, the versatility and comfort offered by longer silhouettes make them an easier and less-risky choice. But, I've recently fallen back in love with mini dresses, and I'm here to tell you why they deserve your attention. Or rather, show you why.


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To prepare for the start of the new season, I've spent some time browsing new-in sections and keeping an eye out for styles worth shouting about. On my travels, a selection of mini dresses caught my eye. I've tried out some of the below in-store, but they've also inspired me to rediscover the shorter dresses previously shoved to the back of my wardrobe.

As the temperature rises, so does the temptation to show a little more skin. After all, we've spent the past six months shrouded in layers of wool. Mini dresses are the perfect way to mark the beginning of brighter days by letting the sun hit your legs. If you're worried about thigh-chafing or accidentally flashing your undies, just slip on some bike shorts underneath.


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It might sound like a weak argument, but short hemlines are also just fun to float around in. Particularly the more voluminous shapes courtesy of brands like Döen. Since I started wearing mine a few weeks ago (with sheer tights for the time being), I've really enjoyed the new styling options they offer. Plus, they let me show off my favourite shoes where midi dresses usually detract from them.

But I've done enough chatting—scroll on to see the best mini dresses to add to your repertoire, from simple LBDs to holiday-ready iterations.

The Best White Mini Dresses:

The Best Black Mini Dresses:

The Best Linen Mini Dresses:

The Best Floral Mini Dresses:

The Best Holiday Mini Dresses:

The Best Evening Mini Dresses:

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