I'm a Beauty Editor, and I Honestly Do Rate These 15 Maybelline Products

While my love of luxury skincare knows no bounds (my current skin routine totals an eye-watering £669), when it comes to makeup, I'm a little more restrained with my product choices. One might say that when your makeup application skills are as basic as mine, then it makes no sense to splurge on fancy formulations anyway, but I'd argue that my love of high-street makeup actually comes from the fact that there are so many affordable products out there that rival the quality and results of their more expensive counterparts. So why spend more when you really don't have to? 

Case in point: Maybelline. When I was a teenager, it was pretty much a beauty rite of passage to own something from this iconic high-street brand—most notably, of course, its Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, which definitely earns a spot in my throwback beauty hall of fame. And with over 100 years in the beauty industry under its belt, there's no doubting that Maybelline knows a thing or two about formulating a great beauty product. However, since the brand was so weaved into the fabric of my early beauty experience, it's no surprise that in recent years, I've overlooked it in favour of more exciting new launches and buzzy Instagram brands. 


(Image credit: MICA RICKETTS)

Me wearing a full face of Maybelline makeup products.

Recently though, I've been feeling a little nostalgic and decided to revisit some of my classic favourite beauty products to see which ones still deliver. Honestly, there were so many Maybelline products that I realised I still reach for on a regular basis as well as plenty of others I have rekindled my love for.

Ahead, keep scrolling for the 15 best Maybelline products that I still rate today. 

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Mica Ricketts