The Internet Can't Stop Talking About Hilary Duff's $7 Aqua-Blue Eyeliner


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From time to time, celebrities provide us with stellar drugstore product recommendations. For example, who can forget when Kendall Jenner attended this year's Met Gala wearing drugstore makeup that cost $20 or less? Or, what about the cult-classic $16 bronzer that's responsible for Sofia Richie's trademark glow? Ironic as it may seem, celebs sometimes find the best budget-friendly products. 

Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity to provide us with an affordable product recommendation—not to mention some serious inspiration for summer makeup. She graced the Summer 2023 cover of Shape Magazine wearing the prettiest aqua blue eyeliner we've ever seen. The best part? It's not a high-end product that will cost you a chunk of your paycheck. Nope. It's from one of our favorite affordable makeup brands and only costs $7. Keep scrolling to see which eyeliner it is and why the internet can't stop talking about it. 


(Image credit: Jonny Marlow for SHAPE)

Here's the cover in question. Look closely to see Duff's eyes rimmed in a brilliant aqua blue eyeliner. 


(Image credit: Jonny Marlow for SHAPE)

Here's a close-up because, duh, we need a close-up. The look was created by Kelsey Deenihan Fisher, the celebrity makeup artist responsible for some of Duff's most memorable makeup moments. While this eyeliner looks like it should cost a lot, it only costs a mere $7. Keep scrolling to see which one it was. 

Fisher used this eyeliner from ColourPop to create Duff's look. It's a highly-pigmented, cream-gel hybrid that glides on easily without tugging or pulling. Even though it's easy to blend after application, it dries down and becomes long-lasting, transfer-proof, and waterproof. In other words, it won't budge, even after sweating and swimming. 

The eyeliner comes in 25 shades, but since this one is so eye-catching, we're guessing it will sell out first. That's why we're adding it to our carts with a few other drugstore makeup products that are a good fit for summer. 

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