The 15 Best-Rated Maternity Skinny Jeans From Nordstrom, Amazon, and Zappos

If you're mom-to-be and you're currently looking at your closet because soon you don't know what will work best with your ever-changing body and daily outings, don't worry. Instead of buying everything that catches your eye IRL or on the internet, sit down and think about the key pieces everybody needs in the wardrobe—whether they're pregnant or not. One item that's always on top of the list is jeans (or jeggings). Now that you figured that out (baby steps), it's time to read some reviews. Yes, reviews. Because who else knows what will work best than people that have already purchased and bought the pair of jeans you were eyeing? Now it's easier than ever to find tried-and-true pieces, but it's still annoying to sort all of them out. 


That's why, we took it into our own hands and rounded up the 15 best-rated maternity skinny jeans from Nordstrom, Amazon, and Zappos. From under-$50 skinny jeans that are just as good as $100+ pairs, skinny jeans that are usually $100+ but are now on sale to pairs customers wish they come in more colors, there's a pair for each of your trimesters. 

If you're a mommy-to-be, these maternity brands need to be on your radar, stat.