12 Outfits With Maternity Leggings That We Love

There's little not to love about leggings. They're super comfy, flattering, go with practically everything, and provide tons of creative styling possibilities. If you're looking for a more elevated fit than sweatpants have to offer while still wanting the comfort, they're the staple for you. Especially if you're a parent-to-be. The pants' stretchiness, softness, and versatility will save you all throughout your nine months.

But if you're still unsure how to style them, don't fret. Now the maternity market has plenty of trendy leggings that go with your body and each stage of your pregnancy. From jeggings to leather leggings, bold colored leggings, and classic black leggings, these 15 outfits with maternity leggings ahead will keep you inspired all through your trimesters.

Let your love affair with leggings begin. 

Opening Image: @pandorasykes