17 Celebrity-Favorite Perfume Brands to Add to Your Vanity

As both a Taurus sun and a Taurus moon, you could say that I am enthralled by anything opulent. It's practically in my DNA! I'm also a major fragrance person, so luxury perfume is kind of my bread and butter. There's just something about really, really good perfume. It has the ability to smell good on everyone (not an easy feat), transport your senses to a faraway land, and even tie together any outfit, elevating something simple to something luxe. 

There are tons of luxury perfumes out there, but they are decidedly not all created equal. Below, I've rounded up the essential brands for any perfume lover, along with one of their signature scents. There's just something about these brands that makes them beyond special. Plus, many celebrities have used these fragrances themselves—I mean, who wouldn't want to smell like Grace Kelly or Rihanna?



1. Dior

Ever since creating the first rendition of Miss Dior in 1947, Dior has been a mainstay for luxury fragrances. Each perfume from the brand is elevated by specially sourced raw materials (the brand has relationships with flower producers in Grasse) that give the fragrances an extra lift of opulence. 

Key Notes: Jasmine, bergamot, moss

2. Chanel

The brand's perfume is nearly as well-known as its clothing. Iconic fragrance Chanel No. 5 was launched in 1921, and each fragrance since has been just as luxe. 

3. Krigler

If you can believe it, Krigler fragrances were first conceived in 1879, when Albert Krigler created a fragrance for his fiancée. Many celebrities have sported the fragrance house's offerings, including Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Zelda Fitzgerald. 

Key Notes: Almond, lily of the valley, mimosa, musk, rose, violet

4. Le Labo

Le Labo was started in 2006 by two friends hoping to make waves in the perfume industry, and they've done just that. Nearly every fragrance created by the brand is a hit that turns perfume conventions on their head. 

Key Notes: Tiare, jasmine, lily, tuberose, woods, musk, vanilla

5. Byredo

Founded in Stockholm in 2006, Byredo has had a meteoric rise. Ben Gorham, the brand's founder, hoped to create fragrances based on his memories and experiences. The result is perfume that smells unique and mysterious. 



Key Notes: Bergamot, juniper berries, lemon, pepper, incense, orris, pine needle, amber, vanilla, sandalwood

6. Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Consider each scent in the Maison Francis Kurkdjian collection a part of a fragrance wardrobe. These luxe perfumes are more than just scents—they embody ways of life and will convince anyone who smells them that fragrance can be art.

7. The Harmonist

The Harmonist thinks about perfume differently. This brand aims to create balance through scent by infusing each product with different elements that help create Feng Shui. 

Key Notes: Calypso orchid, mandarin, Bulgarian rose, almond milk, ylang-ylang, iris, white musks, sandalwood, benzoin

8. Tom Ford

Tom Ford fragrances feel like a natural extension to the Tom Ford brand. Each scent is an exploration of a precious or luxurious ingredient, and the Private Collection scents are different than nearly every fragrance you've smelled before, since they truly break perfume rules. 

Key Notes: Bergamot, jasmine flower, lemon

9. Yves Saint Laurent



YSL perfumes were basically created with fashion girls in mind. The sophisticated scents are the cherry on top of every outfit. 

Key Notes: Lavender, orange blossom, musk accord

10. Jo Malone London

Jo Malone fragrances are experimental but still approachable. Each perfume is a study of elevated simplicity.

Key Notes: Lavender, Omumbiri myrrh, tonka bean

11. Gucci

Not only are Gucci perfumes supremely luxurious smelling, but its bottles are absolutely gorgeous. They're unmistakably Gucci, thanks to intricate designs.

Key Notes: Pear, white gardenia, brown sugar

12. Kilian Paris

Serious frag heads and Rihanna fans know that the star famously wears Kilian Paris Love, Don't Be Shy. The refillable scents are daring and different. 

Key Notes: Orange blossom, vanilla absolute, marshmallow

13. Diptyque

A Parisian staple, Diptyque fragrances use sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients in its fragrances. The brand makes sure that each ingredient is chosen intentionally.

Key Notes: Musk, iris, ambrette, pink peppercorn

14. Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens was one of the pioneers for niche perfumery. Each scent feels special—every fragrance lover should try to add one to their collection. 

Key Notes: Patchouli, honey, moss, geranium, palmarosa, rose



15. Frédéric Malle

There are two different ways Frédéric Malle interprets perfume. The perfumer either reimagines a classic perfume structure in a modern way or creates something completely new and different. Either way, the end result is always alluring and guarantees compliments. 

Key Notes: Tuberose, bergamot, melon, eucalyptus, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, coconut, white musks

16. D.S. & Durga

D.S. & Durga views scent as a way to transport you to a new world. Each of its fragrances has the unique ability to make you feel like you're elsewhere.

Key Notes: Lime flower water, coriander seed, pear, mandarin, bell pepper, pea flower, basil, nutmeg, and moss water

17. Hermès

Many Hermès scents are inspired by the luxury brand's clothing. Its fragrances do a great job of being both visually appealing and insanely good-smelling.