The Underrated Yet Extremely Essential Basic I'm Buying on the Cheap

There are some fashion items that are so rudimentary that I can never remember to buy them, and when I really need them and tell myself to order them, I forget as soon as I see a bright, shiny object to order instead. Know what I mean? In this case, the thing I always forget to buy but always need (this time of year especially) is long-sleeve T-shirts—both solid and striped. The ones I wear the most usually have a crew neck, and I find that owning a combination of fitted and oversize ones will do you the most service.

My observation is that long-sleeve T-shirts often get overshadowed by short-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and sweaters. But when you need to layer or when you need something that's not too warm but not too light, your best bet is a long-sleeve tee. In case you need to be reminded just how essential they are to an outfit, I found a whole slew of examples for you. And in case you need to stock up on them, I'm sharing 18 of my current favorites, most of which are under $100. Scroll to be convinced.

The Outfit Ideas


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Style Notes: When shopping for striped tees, go for an oversize one for the most current look.


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Style Notes: For ballerina vibes, opt for a scoop-neck second-skin tee.


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Style Notes: When your bottoms are loose, it's always a good idea to pair them with a slim tee (and vise versa).


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Style Notes: Shorts and a long-sleeve tee will always be a go-to early fall outfit combo.


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Style Notes: A cream-colored tee looks especially chic with checked trousers.


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Style Notes: Striped tees are great with jeans but even better with leather pants.


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Style Notes: Stock up on close-fitting tees for layering.


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Style Notes: Just another great example of slim on the bottom, loose on top.


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Style Notes: Want a tee that's a bit more dressed up? Get yourself one with shoulder pads.


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Style Notes: Neutrals are great, but having a couple of colorful ones on hand is also recommended.


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Style Notes: Never underestimate the power of a cool neckline.

The Best Long-Sleeve Tees

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