I'm a Frequent Nordstrom Shopper—These 31 Winter Basics Are Legit

Here's a shocker to no one: I'm a frequent Nordstrom shopper. During my weekly—often daily—visits to the retailer's site to shop for products I want to feature in my stories (or even treat myself to), I've become well-acquainted with its wardrobe basics. So well-acquainted, I might add, that I tend to pick favorites, so I decided to put all my knowledge of the current best winter basics at Nordstrom to work in this roundup. To no surprise, they all happened to be the ones that come highly rated by Nordstrom shoppers, proving that they really are quite versatile.

Based on my findings, I thought it would be silly not to share these popular pieces with you. You might even recognize a few of the T-shirts, sweaters, and jeans you see here since I also have the intel that many WWW readers have bought them, too. The order histories and amazing reviews don't lie. These 31 basics are legit. But don't just take my word for it—scroll through the below list to discover them all, and then click in to read the reviews. You just might find yourself inclined to place an order too. Happy scrolling (and shopping)!

All I want to cozy up in right now is this sweater.

Does anyone still wear real bras anymore? Asking for a friend.

Love my slippers, but these are a touch chicer.

A polished wool coat like this is such a useful piece.

You're either a clog person or you're not—no in-between.

You can't go wrong with this classic cut.

Because we're all wearing cardigan sets in all forms right now.

Based on the number of happy Nordstrom shoppers who've bought this bodysuit, I think it's worth the splurge.

Leather pants to add a little spice to your winter 'fits.

Skip the hoodies, and go for this fresh quarter-zip instead.

Wearing a coat is hardly a burden when it looks and feels this luxurious. 

Tuck this into jeans or wear with sweats at home for a relaxed vibe.

These are somehow both current and timeless, and I can't explain why.

This is kind of the definition of a trendy basic.

Because collared sweaters are a step above the rest.

The beige hue and structured fit give this an elevated feel.

These always sell out for a reason—they're the coziest leggings you'll find.

The 2021 alternative to jeans.

I know this one has to be good because Nordstrom tells me almost 200 people are viewing it right now.

The elevated basic your wardrobe was craving.

All of the "floss" pieces, please.

Quilted jackets are having a moment.

It doesn't get any chicer than cashmere.

This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated. Next up, check out the items our fashion editor is eyeing for Black Friday.