25 Breezy Linen Dresses That'll Keep You From Melting This Summer

When it comes to clothing, I am always pointing out how important fabrics are in terms of longevity, comfort, and the overall "look" of an item. When the warmer weather comes around, it's even more important. The wrong fabric could have you feel like you're melting, but I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. There are a select few fabrics that work great for the heat, but linen is definitely a favorite. It's highly absorbent and will quickly remove perspiration from the skin. 

While there are plenty of linen products to shop from our favorite retailers right now, I've rounded up linen dresses since they make for the ideal summer uniform. After all, on a 90-degree day, why would you want to think of putting together an outfit when you can throw on a breezy dress and be out the door?



Lemon yellow is one of my favorite summer color trends. 

You can still have the "suited" look even in the summertime.



I will never say no to a puff sleeve. 

This is the kind of throw-on-and-go dress I need in my life. 

A floral dress may not be groundbreaking, but it's never a bad idea. 



Classic prints like stripes are a no-brainer for statement dresses. 



As someone who owns multiple Reformation dresses, I can vouch for their comfort, quality, and fit. 

All this outfit is missing is a wide-brimmed sun hat. 



The dramatic sleeves complete the dress, in my opinion.

This dress silhouette ruled summer 2020, and it's clearly marked its return. 

Pair a colorful silk button-down over this, and you'll get the fashion-girl look.

Linen usually comes in neutral colors, so I was delighted to find this bubblegum-pink option.

The LBD you need this summer.

I can just imagine frolicking in a field of flowers in this. (A girl can dream, right?)

I can't stop thinking how good this dress would be for a boho bride. 

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