The Best Yoga Pants According to Yoga Instructors

There are few off-duty wardrobe highs comparable to scoring the perfect pair of leggings. So when we find a unicorn that hugs, lifts, and flatters in all the right the places, we get loyal really quickly. Seriously, weeding through endless brands to find the most functional and flattering pair is one of the least efficient fashion plights we millennials endure.

So, in a world full of bloggers and models telling us what to wear to workout via a stream of edited Instagram selfies, we decided to step away from the hype (albeit momentarily) and get real with our yoga pant research.

Here are six of the best yogis in L.A. and NY weigh in on their favorites in fit, function, and style.

Krissy Jones, Sky Ting Yoga

“I love these pants, mainly because of the fit. I love high-waisted pants when I do yoga, [and] the mesh in the back is very cute. Plus they're flattering and really suck you in. I live in these pants, and I don't feel shabby wearing these pants outside of yoga to run around town.” 

Chloe Kernaghan, Sky Ting Yoga

“I love this legging specifically because it's super soft, fits like a dream, and doesn't feel at all constrictive while practicing yoga. I wear a ton of OV in general; I'm obsessed with all their styles, but these leggings, especially for practice, are perfect!”

Sian Gordon, Love a Yoga Space

“I teach yoga all day, so I live in yoga clothes. I love these pants because they're such a fresh take on leggings. They also fit perfectly, and the fabric feels soft but very durable.”

Hannah Overlock, Golden Bridge Yoga

“Yoga clothes are simultaneously the best and worst part of my job. I think if I had to, I would choose Alo's Airbrush Legging because they are soft and flexible but hold their shape really well. They haven’t pilled yet (big occupational hazard with yoga pants) and help keep everything where it’s supposed to be or, for people like me, give the illusion that I have a little more booty than is actually the case.”

Francesca Valarezo, Spiritual Rebel

“Because they hug everything in place, you can wear them to the spa, to yoga class, or with high heels out to dinner and you will look fabulous and stylish. They are slimming and flattering for petite gals. Koral uses high-quality fabrics—the side panels really caught my eye. I like to keep it simple yet sexy when I teach and practice yoga.”

Nichol Chase, Urth Yoga

“These leggings are so comfortable I could sleep in them. They are incredibly supportive and flattering, too! They highlight my curves while toning and hugging my waist, for a great fit. I often have trouble finding leggings that fit snugly around my waist, and these form to my body perfectly. To top it off, they are breathable and sweat-wicking. And, they have a pocket in the front waistband and a secret pocket in the back!”

What are your favorite yoga pants? Did they make the cut? Sound off below!

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