15 of the Best Leggings for Petite Women, According to Customer Reviews


(Image credit: @mv.tiangue; PICTURED: Adanola Ultimate Gym Leggings in Coffee Bean ($58))

On paper, leggings seem like they'd be an easy purchase or quick, no-frills update to the basics in your closet. But when you're petite (5'4" and under) and you're aiming for a specific look—be it for the gym or going out—shopping for leggings is no mindless activity. Most of us own different leggings for working out, which may be part of complete sport sets and are separate from our lounge or athleisure wear. And while you might like to play around with bright colors and splashy patterns when it comes to your yoga gear, perhaps you prefer to keep your everyday leggings to neutral tones.

That's why we rounded up the 15 best variations of leggings for petite women, taking all factors into account. There are designs here with ankle slits, both to add flare to your shape and to allow for visual shoe moments. Then there's a best-selling faux-leather option for a night out, and some leggings you can repurpose for workwear on a day where comfort is key. 

Ahead, find 15 pairs of leggings for petite women, tried and tested by people around the world (as well as some brand fit models), all of which receive positive customer reviews to put your mind at ease before hitting the checkout button.

Tips on Shopping for Petite Leggings

If you're under 5'4" and on the hunt for the perfect pair of leggings for your petite frame, there are a few product specs you should keep in mind. Aside from looking for cropped variations you can be sure won't interfere with your shoes, scan sites for added details such as slits at the ankle (adjustable is a bonus!), and read as many reviews as possible, taking into account every customer's experience with the pant should shed light on how they really fit—and most people who take the time to leave a review will also share information about their height, weight, and the size they purchased for your consideration. Sculpting tech and compression fabric are added benefits, but they're not necessarily required for you to find the fit or lift you're looking for. Click through the roundup ahead to read up on our current favorite selections on the internet.

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