I'd Skip Every Current Shoe Trend for This One Cool Style

Right now, it feels like shoe trends are coming and going by the truckload and it can feel dizzying to keep up. As someone who tends to be extra picky with my shoes, it takes a style that's both cool and relatively timeless for me to invest it in myself, and right now lace-up heels are checking those boxes. I'm calling them a "trend" because I've noticed the style bubbling up more than ever lately, but truth be told, they fall on the more classic end of the spectrum meaning they're not going out of style anytime soon (if ever).

Thanks to designer iterations from Amina Muaddi, The Attico, and Bottega Veneta, lace-up heels are officially a staple among the fashion A-list crowds. Celeb stylist Dani Michelle insists they're a key trend to try for summer 2022. "They really make your shoes an accessory," she noted. Add an ankle wrap to any style from heeled thongs to pointed-toe pumps and they instantly become the prettiest shoes. If you want to obsess with me, keep reading for the 24 best lace-up heels on the market right now and see how to style them throughout.

There are pumps, and then there are Amina Muaddi pumps.

I actually can't believe these are $60. I'm buying them in every color.



Words can't express how much I love these.

To wear with all your pretty summer dresses.

Fashion girls are wearing crystal heels like it's 2002.

These would make excellent wedding guest shoes.

It's giving summer in Italy romance.

Larroude is the emerging shoe brand to keep your eye on.

Everyone needs a pair of black strappy heels in their closet.

These need to be experienced from every angle to truly appreciate them.

See? Everything's prettier with an ankle tie.



This shade of blue could be replacing Kelly green as the next It color.

Cool, comfortable, and under $100? Snag these ASAP.

The razor-thin straps make these even chicer.



ICYMI, wedges are coming back. The ankle wrap detail ensures they feel 2022.

A goes-with-anything shoe if I've seen one.

Wear with jeans and a simple top to really let these shine.



Lace these up your calves for a glam feel.