A Celebrity Stylist Told Me the Only 5 Shoes That Matter This Summer

best shoes for summer stylist



Achieving a celebrity-level closet might not actually be that out of reach. At least, not when you have the intel from one of Hollywood's top stylists and the mastermind behind some of the most talked-about street style moments. In an effort to emulate the cool, sleek, and just-trendy-enough style that celebs like Kendall Jenner are known for, we've turned to the force behind her ensembles: Dani Michelle

The right footwear is arguably one of the key accessories to consider when getting dressed. A great pair of shoes can really make or break a look, and Michelle is here to weigh in on the latest cool shoe trends to prioritize this season. She's partnered with DSW to bring her expert styling eye to the retailer's assortment, which means that the shoes you're about to discover are as affordable as they are cool. Yep, her go-to brands from the site include Steve Madden, Vans, Birkenstock, and Marc Fisher.

Dani Michelle, Celebrity Stylist

With a roster of A-list clients that includes Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, we're not taking Michelle's shopping recommendations lightly. Here, she divulges the top five best shoes for summer 2022 that will complete all your outfits. Discover her affordable favorites from DSW along with our personal picks for each style.

1. Color Pop

"It's fun to add some color to your look, whether it's color-blocking or a pop. I love vibrant shoes."

2. Ankle-Wrap Sandals



"My favorite shoes for the summer of 2022 are strappy sandals. I love an ankle wrap—they really make your shoes an accessory."

3. Square Toes



"This has been and continues to be a favorite shape of mine. They are geometric and more artistic."

4. Sleek Wedges (Yep, They're Back)

"I love a wedge, big or small—not only is it cool looking, but [it's also] so much more comfortable."

5. Crisp White Shoes



"I love white shoes for summer. They're so clean and crisp."