Age 20? These Are the Jeans You Need to Own

Let us preface our suggestions by getting one notion out there: In no possible way should age really ever influence your style. If you feel passionate about a certain look or trend, you should embrace it no matter how old you are. That being said, there are clearly certain items that tend to be more favorable among specific age groups. Think about it—women probably aren't wearing the exact same things at 50 as they were when they were 30. Furthermore, someone at 25 is most likely not testing out the same look as someone who's 15.

When it comes to jeans, specifically, there are actually certain styles we think you should invest in based on your age. Think of these suggestions as the foundation of your denim offering, with the idea that you'll continue to build upon them as you get older. 

Curious about the top three denim styles we think every 20-year-old should have in her arsenal? Keep scrolling to learn more—and shop each trend, too. And by all means, if you're not 20 and love what you see—wear these styles proudly as well.

Skinny Jeans

Despite what many say, skinny jeans are certainly not dead. In fact, as many celebs from Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid showcase, the style is still incredibly popular among the 20-something set. We totally get why—the style really is a classic at this point and can be dressed up (for an internship or school presentation) or down (for the weekends) for any occasion. 

Straight-Leg Jeans

While you could totally dress up your skinny jeans with a blouse and heels for a more sophisticated environment, a pair of chic straight-leg jeans is your best bet—especially if you need to come across polished yet casual for an internship at a creative work environment. Seriously—think about how much more elevated you'll come across in a pair of dark-wash straight-leg jeans, paired with sleek ankle boots, a blouse, and a jacket.

Cropped Flares

Every 20-year-old needs a pair of fun jeans she can wear for a night out or hanging with her friends. This season it's all about the cropped flares. They're youthful yet cool—and look great with a range of different shoe silhouettes from booties to heels to even sneakers. 

What denim styles do you think 20-year-olds should own? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde

Bobby Schuessler
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