From Mint to Emerald, Here Are the 5 Most Photogenic Shades of Green Nail Polish

No matter how you feel about it—whether you're drawn to it or not—green nail polish is having a moment. It's having more than a moment, actually. It's been trending for a while now and in every shade under the sun. Personally, I love green nail polish. So humor me, if you will, as I'd like to make a case for it. Here it goes. Green nail polish is unexpected. It's eye-catching. It's confident. And depending on whether you choose a subtle sage green or a striking slime shade, it can fit any situation and aesthetic. 

Despite my impassioned plea to consider painting your nails a shiny shade of green, I realize that you might require further proof that green is in fact the go-to nail color of the season. And I'm happy to abide. Keep scrolling to see the five most photogenic shades of green nail polish. From mint to emerald, these shades are cold hard evidence that green is the way to go.

#1: Mint Green

Let's start with mint—perhaps the most approachable shade of green. I call it gateway green.

You have to admit mint is one of those rare colors that work all year round. It looks fresh and springy in the warmer months and cool and icy in the colder months. It's a chameleon that way.

This minty shade is brighter than most and looks amazing under a super-glossy top coat. 

#2: Olive Green

Olive green is definitely darker and bolder than mint, yet it has enough subtlety to still appear somewhat neutral. And if I do say so myself, it looks incredible paired with gold jewelry.

One of my all-time personal favorite shades of olive green is this one from where else but the L.A.-based nail brand Olive & June. It has the perfect amount of yellow in it to balance it out.

Speaking of my personal favorites, J.Hannah is one of my favorite nail polish brands, in general. Each shade is unexpected and original, including this one, which is aptly named Artichoke. 

#3: Sage Green

There's no shade of green more whimsical and elegant than sage green. 

The soft pastel tone of this nail polish is almost too pretty to look at… almost.

Sage green looks exceptionally elegant when glossy. This polish has a super high-shine finish. 

#4: Emerald Green

Here it is—my absolute favorite shade of green nail polish ever. There's just something about an emerald-green manicure that looks rich and lush and elegant and classic all at once.

Whether it leans more yellow or blue in undertone, you can never go wrong with deep green.

If this deep-green Jinsoon polish doesn't convince you to go green, I don't know what will. 

#5: Slime Green

Here's what I've been building toward—slime green. It's definitely the most untraditional shade of green on this list, but who says a manicure has to be traditional anyway?

Slime green is striking and unexpected. So in other words, it's basically made for Instagram. 

How does that one saying go? If it's good enough for Gucci, it's good enough for us? 

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