According to Nail Experts, Winter Will Revolve Around These 8 Trends

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for a good, basic nail color. It's one of my greatest joys in life. Whether that's a classic black or warm chocolate brown, straightforward hues just feel timeless and complement any outfit. And I can't forget about all the other mysterious, yet treasured dark winter nail colors in my regular winter rotation.

But I'll also be the first to say that when I'm feeling festive, adventurous, or downright bold for the season, I turn to the experts for advice on what to ask for at the salon. This time around, I polled celebrity nail artists on what they think will be this winter's biggest nail trends. Wherever this time of year takes you (gift giving or party hopping), they've pinned down a few expert-approved nail ideas that everyone will be rocking religiously. A few are utterly classic, but others may take you by surprise. Read on below for the eight winter nail trends that will dominate the winter season.

1. Textures


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Celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein predicts this versatile design will surpass all others this season—especially as we roll into December. "Textures are huge for holiday requests," she says. "They include shimmer and foil-infused lacquer that are shiny and bright. Current fans include Ella Hunt from Dickinson!" Whether you're looking for a sparkling party design or just want a more subtle pattern for the months beyond, request a textured look featuring materials like gold foil, ASAP.

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2. Gold Half Moon Designs


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Celebrity nail artist and Nails of LA founder Brittney Boyce also loves a good shimmery, textured nail for winter, but she's particularly keen on one unique design. "A gold half moon near the cuticle is a simple nail art design that makes a big statement. You can play up different types of metallic shades for this look depending on your preference, from a standard gold or rose gold to even a bright orange bronze shade. You can use a Half Moon Guide from ORLY to create the shape instead of free-handing the look. You can also get this look easily with a nail wrap from my brand, Nails of LA."

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3. Playful Abstract Art


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Basically, abstract nail designs never go out of style—there's so much room for creativity, especially during the winter. "Modern art–inspired nails are still going strong, Boyce says. "Whether it’s a colorful version like The Sara Tan press-ons from Nails of LA or a monochromatic look in a neutral shade like white, terracotta, or boba milk tea browns."

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4. Angled French Tips


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Not feeling a basic French tip this season? Celeb nail artists might be chucking this one, too. Try something a little more edgy like an angled tip. "An angled half French tip can be achieved easily with Washi Tape as a guide," says Boyce. "You can use a dry brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges. After that, use a glossy top coat over the entire nail for a finished look." Even if you don't want to try this one yourself, that's what a pop-on set is for, right?

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5. Metallic French Tips


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Maybe an angled tip doesn't quite suit you or maybe you just want a little something extra to spice up a regular tip. If that's the case, adding a festive, metallic shade to the mix is the way to go. Boyce is calling this one the it holiday look because it's easy and oh-so-wearable for the entire season. "A classic french tip using a shimmery shade on an oval shaped nail, (either short or medium length) looks really gorgeous for the holidays. It elongates your fingers while giving it a little texture. The easiest way to get the perfect french tip is with a silicone nail stamper. Simply apply a coat of the nail polish, place your finger tip on the bottom edge, and press down. This works even on shorter nails!"

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6. Shimmery and Metallic Jewel Tones


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Warm, opulent colors are going to completely steal the limelight this season, Boyce is sure of it. "[My favorite nail shades] evoke rich textiles like shimmery silk and plush velvet—those are going to be big this upcoming winter season. Think of glamorous red carpet gowns in vivacious berries, warm reds, and coppery oranges. For this, look for nail shades that channel a lush, multidimensional feel."

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7. Glitter Negative Space


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Nail artist Hang Nguyen declares negative space (with glitter, of course) a major seasonal winner. "It's usually the leading trend for winter," she says. And for a good reason. There's just something so elegant about a shimmer-dusted design with a hair of your natural nail peaking through. It's unique, but still feels subtle enough to be worn outside of a major holiday. Nguyen's favorite festive shade to use for this kind of art is OPI's You Had Me at Confetti.

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8. Good, Old Fashioned Glitter


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Another classic that Nguyen loves for the season? Good old fashioned glitter nails. They're the perfect way to elevate your look without doing anything too daring. It's just the right amount of festive.

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