The "Ugly" Color Every Trendsetter Is Testing Out Right Now

Move over, Gen Z yellow. There's a new unexpected color that's quickly gaining ground among the fashion crowd and you might want to hold onto your seat to hear about this polarizing microtrend. Hint: it's electrifyingly neon and eerily reminiscent of Nickelodeon's infamous slime (where are my early 2000s kids at?). Alas, lime green is emerging as the latest buzzy color trend right now and in a few short scrolls, you'll learn exactly why.

"Ugly" fashion is on the rise. It's in part because summer is the best time to experiment with your style and go a little outside your sartorial comfort zone, and in part due to fashion's most recent embrace of all things unexpected (think color clashing and wearing multiple bright shades at once).

I was wary of calling this color green a trend, too, until I saw the lime green outfits that so many trendsetters I follow are currently wearing. Whether they're styling the bright color with an otherwise pared-back ensemble or toughening up with lime and green and black leather pieces, fashion girls are decidedly making this "ugly" color the coolest thing I've laid my eyes on. But don't let me ramble on forever, go on to see how they're wearing it and shop the lime green pieces that still feel quite approachable.