15 Top-Rated Foundations You Can Buy on Amazon That Cost Less Than $15

Amazon is actually a great place to shop for beauty products. And it's not just because of the crazy-fast Amazon Prime shipping. It's because you've got hundreds of beauty and skincare brands at your fingertips. You can find your drugstore favorites and some designer brands, of course, but it's also a great opportunity to discover under-the-radar brands that might not be sold at the stores you normally go to. In fact, if you're ever bored, just explore the Amazon beauty best sellers list—you could find a new product that just might become your next obsession.

There is a catch to all of this convenience, though: You can't exactly shade-match or test it out since you're shopping online. So you might have some frustrating experiences trying to find the exact color or shade that works for you. My tip? Study the reviews. Sometimes, they can be very detailed and helpful, and there might even be photos to help you out.

If you want to give makeup shopping on Amazon a try, you can start with this list of top-rated foundations.


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With over 99,000 ratings and 4.5 out of 5 stars, Maybelline's Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is the highest-rated one on this list. It works well on normal to oily skin types since it manages to shrink the pores and leaves a matte finish.

What a reviewer says: "This is my go-to foundation for every day! I have combination skin that is more towards the dry side, but I also have large pores. After putting on a pore-minimizing primer, all I do is blot this foundation on using a sponge, and it blends absolutely perfectly with my skin color. I use Natural Beige, and it is perfect. I don't have to touch it up at all throughout the day even though I sweat at work. All I do is apply a loose translucent powder over the top and a little blush bronzer on my cheeks, and I'm ready to go."

You can't really beat this price. The foundation was tested under seven different photo-lighting conditions, so when you wear it, you'll be ready for your close-up. The finish is a matte, second-skin feel and look.

What a reviewer says: "This foundation performs like a high-end foundation. I am 38, so my skin is starting to show some fine lines, so hydration and moisture are my friends! This foundation is perfect for that. I also have large pores, and it works perfectly."

You might recognize this foundation from TikTok—that's because it's gone viral. And according to reviewers, it lives up to the hype. The powder formula covers like a liquid foundation but leaves the skin with a natural matte finish. The lightweight formula also doesn't feel cakey like some powders can feel.

What a reviewer says: "This is one the best makeup products of the year. I've tested this many different ways over the last two weeks, and it has held up every time. I have used this on its own as a powder foundation, with and without primer, and over foundation for added coverage as a light setting powder. This stuff is great—it holds up. My makeup looks flawless all day with minimal shine/oil breakthrough."

This lightweight liquid foundation blends into the skin and even has hydration benefits. The buildable formula provides medium-to-full coverage and is oil-free.

What a reviewer says: "This makeup really gives full coverage. It goes on so silky smooth, dries leaving your face feeling great and not dried out, and lasts forever. I slept in my makeup the night I had applied this in the morning. The next day it still looked awesome. I was literally getting compliments on this makeup that was applied over 24 hours ago and had been slept in! I didn't use primers or finishing sprays either. Great value. Outperforms my expensive stuff."

Covergirl and Olay's formula is a great anti-aging option. It's designed to reduce the look of wrinkles, and it has a hyaluronic complex and vitamin C to hydrate and firm the skin.

What a reviewer says: "I'm 60 years old, and to date, I have not found a foundation that I could actually wear without powder. That is until now. I love the coverage and the feeling of this foundation, and it makes your skin look flawless. Five thumbs up on this find."

Nyx's full-coverage, waterproof, and matte foundation lasts for up to 24 hours, so you won't have to worry about reapplication. It also comes in 45 different shades, so there's a better chance you'll find your perfect match.

What a reviewer says: "I've always struggled finding a shade match, and I've tried probably 15 to 20 makeup brands. I wear makeup five to six days a week, so I need something good. I'm pretty pale with a neutral undertone, but I also have redness and acne I want to cover. Most of the time the pale shades don't cover what I need to be covered, and I have to use a darker shade. This is the first foundation I've found that not only doesn't make me look orange, but it provides 90% coverage for my redness and acne. I still use a concealer on top when I need to, but it's such good coverage for how light the shade is and how well it matches my skin. It's also a true matte and doesn't leave me shiny at all!"

Perfect for mature skin and dry skin, this serum foundation is formulated with vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid to provide lightweight, hydrating coverage. As an added bonus, it has SPF 50 protection.

What a reviewer says: "I absolutely love this foundation! It made my 61-year-old skin feel like silk, and the coverage makes my skin look a little younger. Will be my new favorite!"

What can we say? We love a two-in-one product. In this case, we've got a concealer and a foundation here. It manages to hide under-eye circles, redness, and other blemishes and imperfections. The rich formula provides medium-to-full coverage and leaves a satin-matte finish.

What a reviewer says: "Oh, how my dry skin thanks you, Milani. It's been a struggle to find a cheaper foundation that won't crease or cake up. I have hyperpigmentation and vitiligo around my eyes, and now that I'm older, my eyes have decided to become 'wiser,' as I like to call it, ha ha. I don't mind my lines, but I do mind when my makeup creases and makes them look so much worse than they actually are. This is the first makeup I've found that does a good job at hydrating my skin as well as keeping my lines looking as they are. And did I mention it covers up everything??"


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If you're looking for a foundation with skincare benefits, Neutrogena's is a no-brainer. It contains a blend of antioxidants (including vitamin E), feverfew (which calms the skin), and natural soy (which can enhance the skin). Plus, it's got SPF 20 sunscreen in the formula.

What a reviewer says: "As someone who works in the cold, blazing heat, humidity, sun, and/or rain for 12 hours at a time, let me tell you this is the best foundation I have ever used. I honestly don't even need powder (despite sweating!), the SPF is an excellent bonus, and by the end of the day, I don't resemble a melted wax figure. 10/10."

Rimmel's foundation has a mousse-like formula that is easy to blend in for a flawless and natural look. The lightweight product minimizes pores and leaves a matte finish.

What a reviewer says: "I've been using this foundation for about two years now, and it's still my favorite. Even if I try other products I always come back to this. It's the only foundation I've tried that keeps me matte all day without being too drying. The finish is flawless and has an airbrushed look. It definitely provides full coverage even with only using a small amount of product. And it's so affordable! It blends very well and doesn't need to be set with powder. I have acne-prone skin with noticeable scarring, but this covers all that effortlessly when applied with a makeup sponge. I even think it helps to clear my breakouts by keeping them dry and not oily."

This liquid matte foundation is designed to control oil and shine, so it's perfect for oily skin types. It stays on for up to 24 hours and has SPF 15 protection. And you're bound to find your perfect match here since it comes in 43 different shades.

What a reviewer says: "I was really ready to give up on makeup. I have oily skin, and literally everything I have tried breaks down and looks cakey and gross halfway through the day. This foundation shocked me. It really does look good all day and doesn't break down or get shiny. I apply a light to medium layer with a wet Beautyblender, and I'm set. I've tried it with a mattifying primer, and it works even better but isn't necessary. This is a quality foundation and really does make a difference, far superior to anything you'll find at a drugstore."

Super lightweight, Catrice's foundation delivers an airbushed effect that lasts for up to 24 hours. The matte formula comes with a dropper applicator, so you can cleanly apply it on the skin or on a brush.

What a reviewer says: "I usually am a bit of a foundation snob and only wear high-end for my base product because I have awful adult acne and very sensitive skin. But being broke and seeing all the good reviews, I figured why not try… I am so freaking glad I did!! This product works better than 95% of all other foundations I have tried—and for literally a fraction of the price! My skin is not breaking out, the coverage is amazing, and it feels really lightweight. I'll be buying again and again and again!"

Mineral Fusion's foundation has some good-for-the-skin ingredients like aloe and lavender to soothe, anti-aging antioxidants, and skin-smoothing peptides. It provides a matte finish that won't cake or crease.

What a reviewer says: "The quality is more amazing than I'd expected from a natural foundation. It has a beautiful finish. It's not full coverage but is definitely buildable. I have some scarring from cystic acne, and it does a fairly good job of covering it up."

You might be thinking, "I've already seen this foundation," but this is the dewy version of the first foundation on this list, and it's equally as good. For normal to dry skin types, this Fit Me foundation hydrates to smooth the skin's texture and leaves a luminous, glowy finish.

What a reviewer says: "This is the perfect foundation! I am so happy that I have found my holy-grail product! My face goes from oily to dry to combo all the time, and this foundation keeps up! Doesn't leave my skin oily and all shiny looking! I put this on and hardly have to add concealer! I love it."

With medium coverage, this foundation is designed to match the skin's undertone, so it looks even more natural. The oil-free formula also contains broad-spectrum SPF 17.

What a reviewer says: "I absolutely love this foundation. Honestly, I would have to say that this is the best kind I've ever used. I have sensitive skin with a combination between dry and oily. This foundation is very lightweight, and IMO, it is perfect for us women who love a more natural appearance instead of cakey."

Foundations Brushes to Shop

This flat-top kabuki brush can work on both liquid and powder foundations. The bristles don't absorb makeup, so you won't be wasting any.

An Amazon best seller, this brush has a handle that is designed to be easily gripped so you can be in control of the application.

The large domed shape on this brush helps you blend and buff easily. It's best for cream or liquid foundations.

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