Mark My Words: These Are the Best New Shoe Arrivals

If I’m being honest, I have a weak spot when it comes to the shoe department. My small closet is growing increasingly crowded with all kind of heels, boots, and sneakers that probably needs to be reined it in at some point, but there are just too many seriously great shoes out there at the moment for me to take that very seriously.

Case in point: the new shoe arrivals hitting my favorite online retailers at this very minute. The new arrivals sections are just flooded with shoes I’m tempted to add to my cart immediately, making that aforementioned closet space a growing (quite literally) concern. Until I’m ready to deal with it head-on, though, I’m going to focus my attention in full on the new shoe arrivals—because they’re just so, so good. Ahead, shop all of the fall shoes I have my eye on this very minute.