I'm a Sucker for Designer Sweaters—33 Cozy Styles I'm Currently Smitten With

In my past life, I had a tendency to get a bit excessive when shopping for sweaters upon the arrival of colder weather. It was as if I completely forgot that I'd stocked up on them just 365 days prior (not to mention 365 days before that). Of course, by opting for quantity over quality from the start, my knitwear budget was pretty much dried up early on, and I had no room to purchase any of the sweaters I really wanted—the ultra-luxurious ones that feel like butter as opposed to scratchy synthetics. Instead, I mostly bought fast-fashion alts that clearly didn't satisfy me in the long-term. 

For the sake of my wardrobe (among other things), I've since learned that less is more when it comes to clothes, sweaters especially. And now that I've experienced the draw of a top-tier cashmere knit from a brand like Khaite or The Row, I've transitioned into being a strict "one or two sweaters per year" type of shopper who only buys a knit if it's really good and will last me, well, forever with the right care. To help steer others toward the same conclusion, I decided to round up some of the absolute best designer sweaters on the market right now. I promise—once you've felt the good stuff, you'll never go back to prioritizing quantity over quality when it comes to knitwear. 

You won't know what luxury feels like until you've touched a Khaite 100% cashmere sweater, which became a whole lot easier when Net-a-Porter added this one to its sale section. 

Toss this knit on with anything—be it low-key jeans or a silk slip dress—and it'll look good. 

A camel-colored turtleneck is a winter-wardrobe must every year.

When this look debuted on the runway, I was understandably starstruck. Once I saw and felt it in person, I knew I had to have it (eventually). 

Courtesy of COS's fall 2022 runway collection. 

The fuzzier the sweater, the better. And this alpaca-blend sweater is awfully fuzzy.

It's giving London prep-school vibes in a way I'm very much into.

Obviously, this is a pricey sweater, but imagine how much wear it'll get over the next one, two, three, or maybe even four decades. 

If you're a Gucci person, this is the end-all-be-all designer sweater for you. 

The perfect knit to wear with skirts, jeans, or trousers this year. 

I'll say yes to anything that's brown, navy blue, and cashmere. 

I'm seconds away from copying this entire outfit for a week straight. 

This knit from the fall/winter 2022 collection was such a showstopper on the runway. 

This is arguably the most viral sweater on Pinterest. 

This sweater only looks and feels designer. 

If you ask me, Loro Piana is the most luxurious brand of all. 

If you're a fan of the grandpa trend, this Louis Vuitton cardigan will be a perfect fit. 

The tiniest details make the biggest difference. For proof, see this whipstitch neckline.  

From short sleeves to long sleeves with two quick adjustments. 

This is a great price for a designer knit as luxe as this one.