I Collect The Row and Know These 6 Staples Work No Matter Your Budget


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If you're a regular Who What Wear reader, you're well aware of the hold that The Row has on us. It's no secret that the brand of minimalist and serenely tailored garments dreamed up by the Olsen duo is the goal aesthetic we're always striving for. So when we came across one creator on the fashion side of TikTok who calls herself a collector of the brand, we had to get in touch with her to get a better idea of how she builds such a chic wardrobe.

Meet Neelam Ahooja, a stylist and collector based in Toronto, who tells us that she's been a fan of The Row for a long time and has amassed a collection of both old and new pieces over the years. "I wear a lot of it, but there are certainly special pieces I care for much in the same way a museum curator would," she explains, hence why she doesn't simply claim to be a customer of the brand but calls herself a collector. 

Ahooja's feed is the epitome of low-key luxury—her outfits are elevated and chic but never fussy. Of course, The Row features heavily in each of the ensembles she displays but since our wallets aren't always capable of fronting a shopping spree at the label, we've asked her to let us in on the staples that define her wardrobe. "I know The Row isn't accessible to everyone, but there are ways to achieve a Row look," she notes. "You can shop pre-owned, wait for a sale, or get similar items from other minimalist brands. "

Ahead, discover the six staples that she considers to be building blocks to a The Row-inspired wardrobe and shop similar styles at both luxury and affordable price points.

1. Fisherman Sandals


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"Now almost synonymous with The Row, first seen a few years ago. They're bold but masculine, Edgy and cool, and can be worn right into the fall with socks. From denim to dresses, these sandals have proven their worth in their styling versatility. The good news is, similar sandals have tricked down the pipe and popped up in other brands so you can get them at an affordable price."

2. Oversize Tote


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"The Margaux 15 is The Row's signature bag and it's easy to understand why when you see it in person. It's a beautiful piece. Spacious, stylish, and elegant, it's an understated statement bag that really captures the essence of the brand. It's available in a multitude of colors/leathers/fabrics and you can find them preowned as well. If it's still too far out of range, I would opt for an oversize tote. More accessible as many brands have a version of their own. I love a good top-handled tote—it's an essential. Both can be styled up or down and they’re very functional because of their size."

3. Tailored Pants (Preferably With a Straight to Wide-Leg Fit)


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"It always sharpens a look and can easily be worn with a tee which makes it truly effortless but also elegant. Obviously, The Row has perfected this but one of my favorite minimal brands, La Collection, makes a really beautiful simple pair of pleated pants (in a few fabrics) with a straight leg that suits pretty much everyone."


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4. Classic White Shirt


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"I know it's been said before, but it truly is a staple, and there are so many options. Massimo Dutti is an affordable line and they always have a crisp button-down to sharpen a look. And when it's paired with a black blazer, the contrast is striking and simple to achieve."

5. Structured Sunglasses


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"Chic and a great way to escape eye makeup for the day, too. The Row has done a few collaborations on this front, but my favorite pair is still Oliver Peoples x The Row, the 71st style. They're elegant and the shape is timeless. Also, I'm really loving Le Specs and specifically their oval shaped sunnies. Outta Love is my current favorite style. The elongated shape has a cool sci-fi look to them."

6. An Oversize Coat


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"I love The Row belted Owen coat, but it's from an older season. Each year there's something new/updated to choose from but the key is the length. Almost floor-sweeping. La Collection has beautiful coats as does COS. A long coat has the ability to take a simple outfit and make it killer. It's my go-to when I'm in a tee-and-denim mood but want a little something to take it up a notch and it also works with a dressier outfit."

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