Ask an Editor: What's the #1 Tip for Shopping Fast Fashion?

Welcome to our Ask an Editor series, where each month, I’ll answer questions submitted by our lovely readers. So how does it work? At the end of this story, submit your style- or fashion-related questions, and I’ll pick three submissions to solve next month (and give you a shout-out if one of them is yours!).

Today I’m sharing the number one tip when it comes to shopping fast fashion, the absolute easiest denim DIY to try (really, it only takes two steps and voilàyour jeans are 10 times cooler), and where to buy the best neutral mules. One of these topics sound familiar? Keep reading to see if I selected your style submission to feature.

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“What’s the best denim DIY right now?” — Sarah

If you’re looking for an easy way to make an old pair of jeans feel fresh, I’d suggest releasing the hemline for a cool frayed-edge look. This simple detail will instantly update your jeans, and it only requires two quick steps.

Step One: Use a seam ripper to release the hemline at the bottom of your jeans.

Step Two: Cut a 2- to 2 1/2–inch slit on the inside of your jeans. Use your judgment here, depending on how high you’d like the slit. From there, shake out your jeans and let the newly released hem fall into place.

For inspiration, check out ways to wear the popular style below.


Jason Lloyd Evans for Vogue

“Do you have any tips on shopping fast fashion?” — Tessa

When it comes to shopping budget-friendly brands, the most important detail to pay attention to is the material. For shoes and accessories, always opt for suede or faux suede over leather or a leather-like material. If you’re shopping for simple tanks and T-shirts, go for the styles with a ribbed texture. Both features are key to making an affordable item look way more luxe.

Shop my favorite fast-fashion items below!

See? The ribbed material makes this $10 T-shirt look way more expensive. 

A fall trend you can start wearing now. 

“Where can I find neutral mules for summer and fall?” — Lauren

Every girl should have a pair of great nude mules in her closet. Not only is the simple style is one of the biggest shoe trends right now, but also, the sleek silhouette and neutral color lend so much versatility. It’s the perfect option for work, weekend, and everything in between. Plus, you’ll wear the shoes season after season.

Scroll down to shop my picks!

Not only does MNZ design the sleekest shoes, but the brand also has the coolest Instagram feed.

While you’re at it, you may want to snag the black pair as well! 

Block heels are by far the most comfortable shoe style if you’re looking for something with height.

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