The Most Comfortable (and Coolest) Travel Clothes, According to Our Editors

Travel season is upon us, friends! Whether you’re going back home for the holidays, taking a well-deserved mini-break somewhere special, or jumping in the car to visit friends, you’re going to want a cozy outfit that’s comfortable, not to mention chic (you never know when an Insta opportunity arises). As someone who racks up a lot of air miles throughout the year, I’m particularly faithful to a handful of elevated basics and layers to get me through every trek, trip, and tour. Curious to see what items my fellow editors swear by for traveling, I had them share their absolute favorite comfortable and cool pieces they always wear when taking a trip. From stretchy elevated sweats to silky soft tops, scroll below to get your hands on them too.

"I pretty much always travel in a hoodie with an oversized denim jacket over it. The combination is just the perfect balance of comfortable and semi-polished for me, and the layers are easy to get on and off as needed."

"I always wear my cozy Fila hoodie for traveling. I'm a germaphobe, so I put my hood up to protect my hair from the seat. If you're trying to sleep, a hood also helps block out that annoying neighbor who insists on keeping a light on for an overnight flight."

"I love wearing my Lunya pants on flights. Unlike sweatpants that have thick elastic bands that aren't comfortable for sleeping, these pants fit more like leggings around the waist."

"This chunky cardigan has officially become one of my must-have travel items. Whether I'm wearing it or cuddling up with it while I sleep, this is one knitwear item that truly does it all." 

"Call me cliché, but leggings are my favorite things to travel in for obvious reasons. I am a Lululemon girl through and through, and this particular pair just so happens to be my favorite."

"I discovered this brand a few years ago—and I've been hooked ever since. Its pieces are made for the comfort of traveling without sacrificing on style. The Jet Set trousers are one of my favorites. They feel and fit comfortably and snug like leggings, but they look like smart trousers—so you can look sharp while staying cozy. They're also wrinkle resistant, which is always handy."

Made from soft and stretchy modal, spandex, and cotton—Lett's loungewear pieces are seriously comfortable and perfect for traveling. The Palma top is a great layering piece over tank tops and tees and under cozy jackets.

"I've owned these slip-on sneakers for a few years now, and they're still one of my favorites for traveling. They're insanely comfortable; the suede fabric looks elevated; and the taupe hue is super versatile. They're so convenient for taking on and off at security too."

"No matter where or how far I'm traveling, I won't leave home without one of LHLL's perfectly lived-in crewnecks. Each one is meticulously washed and distressed, so it feels just as comfy as that college sweatshirt you've worn a zillion times but probably a bit more stylish."

"I pretty much only wear sneakers to the airport if I can help it—there's nothing comfier or easier to take on and off going through the security checkpoint. Lately, I've been keeping Reebok's retro pair in heavy rotation when I travel. No matter what else I have on, a crisp white sneaker ensures I always look chic."

"If I'm going to wear denim on an airplane, it's a requirement that it's comfortable. These trouser-like style jeans from Citizens of Humanity definitely deliver on that and practically feel like pajamas (even if they look more polished)."

"I'm very into a retro-inspired sneaker at the moment and have been wearing these ones from Reebok on repeat—including all of my trips to the airport."

"I fell in love with these $12 Amazon leggings a year ago, and so did the rest of the edit team. In fact, we dedicated an entire story to just how amazing they are. A choice quote from that piece: 'As soon as I tried on these leggings, I was overwhelmed by how soft they were. You know how soft and cozy the inside of your favorite sweatpants are? That level of soft.' When I'm traveling, these leggings provide such a supreme level of comfort that they've become my go-to."

"My Atoms sneakers have become my go-to for traveling. I was wearing more mainstream sneaker brands, but after trying these, the level of comfort is incomparable. It made my previous sneakers feel like cardboard! They also quarter sizes, so you can truly get a customized shoe size."

"I swear by Vans slip-on sneakers for traveling. They're classic, cool, and insanely comfortable. Plus, I love that you can slip them on and off so easily."

"I basically never travel without a super-cozy sweatshirt. Layers are key! I'm particularly into the variety at Club Monaco these days because they're soft and come in on-trend colors."