The Internet Voted: These Are the Comfiest Clothes to Travel In

Even though we all aim to be as chic as our favorite celebrities when we travel, if you ask this editor, before style comes a different priority: comfort. Whether you’re catching a flight or taking a road trip, after a couple hours, an uncomfortable outfit will always leave you with more regret than satisfaction. Plus, in 2016 there’s no reason one needs to suffer to look chic. Leggings are back, and athleisure is in—aka, you can nail your airport look without subjecting yourself to the consequences of too-tight jeans or impractical shoes.

So to help ensure your next travel look is a comfortable one, today we’re bringing you eight easy-to-wear items that the internet has already awarded a virtual thumbs-up. Thanks to some of our favorite review-based shopping sites, we know you’ll love these shopper-approved pieces.

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