I've Traveled to Over 30 Countries—These Are the 10 Items I Always Pack

Before I wrote for a living, I traveled for a living—two lifelong passions I’m forever grateful for being able to accomplish. My addiction to travel started well before Instagram was even around. I know what you're thinking: If you didn't Instagram it, did it even happen? Well, back then, I certainly didn't do it for the 'gram. I was blissfully content in simply wandering the world on a backpacker’s budget. Luckily, with hard work and persistence, I was able to turn my roving passion into a job. I was hired to be a travel host on a long-running TV series called Globe Trekker. I traveled far and wide to over 30 countries, trekking the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu, learning to cook Indian food in Rajasthan, and touring fashion ateliers in Sicily.


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Throughout my years traveling—whether to chic cities or rugged terrains—I have perfected my packing checklist. There’s no doubt every location (and every season) requires a slightly different attire, but on the whole, there are a handful of specific items I practically never travel without. These consist of versatile, practical, and chic basics that get me through a variety of events and activities when I travel, from café-hopping to sightseeing to drinks, dinners, and more.

If you're looking for some packing guidance, below I'm sharing the essential items I always take with me when I travel, organized by category, to help you plan more efficiently. (This edit is based on destinations of more temperate climates in the spirit of summer, which is just around the corner!)



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Versatile T-Shirts

Soft and Stylish Sweater

Day-to-Night Blouse



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Jeans With Stretch

Midi Skirt




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Sporty Sandals

Walkable Nude Heels

Jackets & Layers


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Khaki Utility Jacket

Denim Jacket

Lightweight Cardigan



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Little Black Dress



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Hoop Earrings

Crossbody Bag



Supe-Soft Chemise

Up next, a serial traveler shares the items that make packing infinitely easier.

Judith Jones
Senior Fashion Market Editor

Judith Jones is the senior fashion market editor at Who What Wear who specializes in shopping content and trend stories with high-affiliate impact. She shares the coolest, most desirable fashion market finds and brands for every budget. Previous to working in fashion, Judith worked as a TV host on the PBS travel show Globe Trekker (airing on Netflix and Amazon Prime) sharing her passion for travel and culture.