I Wasn't a Chunky Sandal Fan Until This Pair Changed My Mind

I'm going to be completely honest. I never thought I would like "ugly" sandals. In fact, the whole sporty shoe trend—including dad sneakers—hasn't ever interested me, even after seeing that almost all of my favorite influencers on Instagram were complete devotees. Anyone who knows me will know that I've only really just come to terms with trainers as something you'd wear outside of the gym. Yes, I know. I'm in my late 20s and only got my first pair of kicks (Stan Smiths, shocker) a couple of years ago, going on to invest in a pair of Converse earlier this year. But as a heels, mules, strappy sandals and basically any other type of shoe obsessive, chunky& sandals just haven't been on my to-shop list. Until Prada dropped its rubber-soled, retro-looking, velcro-strapped ones, that is.

On first glance, I thought they're the kind of shoes you look at and don't admit to your friends that you like. Then, on second glance I started to think about how comfy they must be, how easy they'll be to wear and how actually, they help give a bit of an edge to pretty dresses or shorter skirts.

So, yes, they may remind me slightly of the shoes you have to wear when you break or fracture your foot. And, yes, they also make me wonder if I'll even be so daring as to try out a bucket hat next—one thing at a time. But the more I see these chunky sandals parading down every street, the more I want to own a pair, so I went on the hunt for the best ones out there.

Best Sporty Chunky Sandals: Monikh wearing Prada Sandals



If I ever need outfit inspiration I look to Monikh. She's worn her Prada sandals with everything from floral dresses and slip skirts to jeans. Who knew they would be so versatile?

I made a carefully selected edit of 20 pairs of sporty sandals that'll make my summer (and yours) complete. From Prada, Marni and Gucci to full-on '90s revivals from Ellesse and Fila, these are the styles that even I, the least sporty person exercise- and wardrobe-wise, would consider adding to my over-flowing shoe collection. 

Prada Chunky Sandals 

They'll go with practically anything you own, from linen dresses to slip skirts. 

Shop More Sporty Sandals

You'll feel like you're walking on air, trust me. 

These look like they've been delivered from the future. 

They're so comfortable you'll never want to remove them from your feet. 

You'll get all the perks in height as you would from heels, but without the feet ache. 

If neon is your thing, these are for you. 

A pair that look like they've come straight back from the '90s. 

For $50, the cost per wear will be pennies. 

Made to be noticed, for all the right reasons.

I love snake print this season, so of course these are a winner. 

Thanks to velcro you'll be out of the house in seconds with these. 

For a chicer less sporty look, go for this tan pair with rope detail. 

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