So I Asked My Dad to Review Dad Sneakers


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My dad knows nothing about fashion. He's gone through phases where he wears a fishing vest (great for storage) and a ranger hat (full sun coverage). These days, though, it seems the man is ahead of the trends. While he's been wearing thick-soled sneakers and Birkenstocks for as long as I can remember, it's only in the last few years that I've seen my peers gravitate toward the same trends.

So now that "dad" sneakers have reached full-blown cult status, what does an OG think about the trend? I decided to pester him for an answer (and encourage a few of my co-workers to do the same with their fathers too). The resulting text messages have managed to crack us up, confuse us, and even offend us a little bit. The overarching consensus? "Dad" shoes are still a bit of a mystery to dads.

So while to some of us, it's no surprise that Balenciaga can't seem to keep its Triple S sneakers in stock, there's a big difference between a trend and its source of inspiration. Read on to see exactly what real dads think about those "ugly" sneakers you've seen on every street style star, and then shop some out for yourself (and maybe don't ask your father for his opinion first).


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