The Under-$100 Strappy Sandals You'll Never Want to Ditch

Best Under $100 Sandals


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If there's one shoe style that is dominating spring 2019, it's the strappy sandal. Thanks to the rise of floss heels earlier this year, sandals that have thin, crossing, lace-up, and even mismatched strapping have become the cream of the crop in the sandal world. While it's safe to assume The Row's bare leather sandals are your ultimate goal, the price is a little steep for someone in the need of a quick springtime footwear fix, so today we're here to serve you in that exact category. 

Ahead, we've rounded up the best strappy spring sandals under $100. Some start as low as $23, meaning if you've been itching for a mini shoe shopping spree, the selection ahead will be right up your ally. Our list includes everything from mules to kitten heels, so get ready for some of the chicest (and affordable) spring sandals on the market. 

We couldn't choose just one color. 

You'll probably need the pink too. 

These shoes will add just the right amount of color. 

Jimmy Choos for $75? Yes, you're reading this correctly. 

Snag these before they completely sell out. 

You'll be surprised how much use you'll get out of a bold pair of red shoes.

Sliding into these will be the best decision of your day, hands down. 

In case you're not quite ready to dive head-first into the naked shoe trend. 

This slimy neon hue is weirdly mesmerizing. 

A stacked heel is the perfect choice for walking around a warm summer day.