18 TSA-Approved Toiletry Bags You Need for Your Next Trip

Best TSA Approved Toiletry Bags



Monogrammed, neoprene, leather, canvas—the market is saturated with toiletry bags these days. However, when it comes to finding options that are TSA-approved, things get a bit trickier. Anyone else feel like the rules change each time you fly? To keep things running as smoothly as possible, we've rounded up the TSA-approved toiletry bags you need for your next trip. (Keep in mind, of course, that if you're taking your beauty products in your carry-on, your products must fit inside a resealable bag, and if you didn't find the travel-size version of your favorite products, you can store those in your checked bag.) Keep reading for the best TSA-approved toiletry bags on the market.

Stow away your toiletries in a bold red bag. 

This hard case will ensure none of your toiletries get crushed or ruined.  

I kind of just want to carry this one as a purse. 

A modern bag that's durable and practical. 

With its see-through top and base, you'll pass through airport security in no time. 

No spills or surprises with this toiletry bag. 


A leather bag that will wear well over all your travels. 

This might remind you of the third grade, but that's why we love it. 

This one includes a shoulder strap because you never know. 

When you mean business, this bag should be your go-to.

One for each day of your long-weekend escape.

It already includes TSA-friendly containers? Yes, please. 

Pack up all your essentials here. 

Any festive vacation deserves festive packaging.  

This story was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.

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