I'm Finally Starting to Travel Again, and I Swear By This One Carry-On Bag

I'm slowly starting to travel again. This means going through the luggage and totes I haven't really touched in well over a year. The truth is I have a few solid carry-on bags that I've used on rotation. As I showcased here, the options that don't work for me are the styles with an opening at the top that doesn't close. I find it quite annoying when items spill out during security or on the plane when the bag is underneath the seat. So yes, it may seem standard, but a zippered carry-on is my jam.

To take it further, the one carry-on bag that's reigning supreme is a style that not only has a zipper but also has a sleeve on the back so you can slide it right over the handle of a wheeled carry-on so the bag doesn't fall off. This may seem like a totally simple feature, but it's quite effective and makes traveling easier. One of my go-to picks? Dagne Dover's Landon Carryall Bag. I'm also excited to try a fresh style by brand July.

I go into more detail below on why this carry-on bag is a front-runner for me. If you're intrigued and want to test one out for when you do start traveling again, there's also a range of picks to shop. I also made sure to include other classic zippered carry-on bags that are just as great and functional.


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This is my go-to carry-on bag by Dagne Dover. As you can see, it fits flawlessly over the handle of the suitcase. The inside is also very functional with a laptop sleeve, water bottle holder, removable pouch, and so on. You can see more of the inside here. It's also made of neoprene, so it's durable and lightweight.

Shop various styles:

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